Thylik, DK, Sinadar, Skiba, Mischevous, Jarsace!

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Thylik, DK, Sinadar, Skiba, Mischevous, Jarsace!

Postby Stonecrush » Fri Mar 09, 2007 5:36 am

All you people ROCK!

Thanks you Thyliks awesomeo Tanking mixed with DK's mezzing and Mischevous's healing the guards were subdueed!

Jarsace with his ubbah "fucken hate this stun" and "wee the room is spinning" did his part of distracting Emp! Thanks to his cleric box healing "oh crap cleric's 10% mana we're fooked!"

Skiba and Sinadar your DPS made it go smoother... damn snake has to many damn hps!

That battle got real ugly real fast.. and I dunno exactly what clicked into place to make the battle turn so much, but it was like the Celestial heal chain gnome clerics came to save us! (Ironicly only the mages died on the event.)

I am greatly impressed with everyones work, and a new found respect for their talents!

Last note! we gotta kill hard shit like that more often and have it be just as suspenceful... I swear the brown streaks and the sweaty bro were all to common for me during that event!

List of people there
Thylik, DK, Skiba, Sinadar, Jars, Mischevous, Bolthen (boxed), Zyphur, Dillingers (boxed)
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Postby Skiba » Fri Mar 09, 2007 10:14 am

yeah i def. want to do that again sometime. was one of those times that makes the game fun all over again.

click that!
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