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---- Drannor / Waystin ----

Postby Zyzzerzazz » Thu Mar 01, 2007 3:14 pm

I wanted to publicaly thank Drannor/Waystin for his years of service to the guild as guild leader. The countless PM's and emails from pissed of members, the hours of debateing policy and rules.

Drannor took over TF when the guild was farming Ssra / VT - and trying to progress thru Tier 2 PoP. When he ended his service as GL - the guild had since beaten all of PoP by Farming Quarm, Farming Tunat in Tacvi to complete the EVER fun expansion of GoD, and finally ended when TF broke into Anguish and began farming the end zone of OoW.

Thats 3 full expansions and I think 2.5 years, Drannor has helped drag this guild through as GL. Thats something to be proud of IMO. That would mean TF would need to beat all of DoD/ PoR/ TSS and TBS for me to top his sucess as GL.

I would be happy just to tie him:p

Congrats Drannor, for being the guild's most decorated leader imo.

No reason to retire now....**all send Drannor a PM demanding his full return to EQ**......but come back when you can. We need you to fully experience Anguish, a zone you have long waited to see TF in.

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