Story Time...

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Story Time...

Postby Cpt. Sandy Vagina » Sat Apr 29, 2006 3:05 am

So the name of the game is story time. The way this works is everyone adds a little to the story, could be one line could be two pages, doesn't matter. Be creative, crazy and have fun! Let's see where the story goes...

I'll start...

There once was a a cobbler who lived in a small village. he didn't have much, but he was content. He worked his fingers day and night often until they blead. the cobbler was brilliant at his craft. Every shoe was perfect for wearing, walking, and working in. His skill was unparalled in his villiage probably in the province, but who knew he never saw any reason to leave his home, let alone his villiage.

It was a rainy day in June, water pittered off the roof, and down the the drain pipe; where worms and toads gathered for what they believed to be a simply splendid afternoon.

The cobbler sat quietly at his bench.
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