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Shadow Knight

Postby Eamile Skyfire » Thu Jul 28, 2005 11:28 am

Hope you like this.....


I am Kalarial T’lalth, Knight of Innoruuk.

My birth and history is a tale of blood mired in the dishonor of my father ... a tale that I have striven my entire life to overcome...

My father was a warrior .. a member of the proud Indigo Brotherhood, and a fierce and bloodthirsty follower of the almighty Innoruuk. Many an enemy of the Father perished upon his rage driven blades, and the name of his House was one of no small repute. My mother was a simple woman, bound to my father out of the strength their union would make rather than anything as foolish and weak willed as love.

With my birth came great pride to my father. Upon entering the world, the priests and priestesses of dark magic within the halls of the Lodge of the Dead immediately sensed that a special soul had entered this plane ... a new member of Innoruuk's chosen ... it was the soul of a dark paladin. The priests descended upon my family's home to see the birth of the newest one to carry Innoruuk's hatred out into the world of Norrath. It was deemed that upon reaching my fifth year, I would be taken from my parents and inducted into the rigorous training necessary for one of my kind.

All was well ... until that day ...

During my third year, a blight had begun to crawl into the area near Neriak. The wretched halfling scum of Rivervale had begun to violate Nektulos Forest with their presence -- an affront to any true Teir' Dal. After the rogues’ guild had scouted the various small camps that the pathetic little creatures had set up, it fell to the mighty Indigo Brotherhood to eradicate this disease from our forest home.

My father rode out to combat alone, wishing to prove his worth to the Father above that of his comrades. He drew upon the Hatred that is the strength and soul of only the true Teir' Dal to guide his blade through the swift slaughter of a nearby camp of halfling refugees who were hiding like rats amongst the ruins of a long vanquished race. His blood was enraged with the success of the killing as the blood of his victims soaked into the ground at his feet. Without pause, he rode out again, crossing the bridge and assaulting a temple to the pathetic lesser god of the halflings. Though the worms fought as best they could, they were no match for one of the Brotherhood.

Finally, his battle rage was unleashed upon the ramshackle town that the insects had dared to construct near the edge of the forest. The little monkeys had called upon their so-called Leatherfoot warriors to try and protect them, but to no avail. My father slaughtered them to the last one, roaring his victory into the night sky. This was the first and most brutal strike against the halfling incursion, and even though the slime still creeps back into the forest like roaches, they speak in hushed whispers about the Teir' Dal demon who first removed their kind from our home.

If my father had returned home at that point, all would have been well. I came to find out later that that was not the case.

A noise caught his ear ... the noise of a child crying.

Hidden within one of the insects' huts was indeed a child, no older than its third season ... oddly enough, it is a human child. Though he should have left the creature to the tender mercy of the wild, instead he was over come with some kind of shamefully foolish sentiment. He gathered the child up and smuggled the squealing mass into Neriak.

What madness overtook him, no one can say, but my parents kept the secret of the child for some time to come, poisoning my young mind by convincing me that the child had a right to live and raising him as my half brother. Even today, I hear word that Krasius still lives somewhere in the human cesspool of Freeport. Though I long to slide my blade into his throat to finally erase all reminders of my father's weakness, the mongrel child still has his uses ... and as a knight and unwilling brother, I am bound by honor to use him until his usefulness expires.

But I digress ...

When I reached my fifth year, the priests took me from the home I had grown up in. My parents were adamant that no knowledge of the human shame living under our roof be revealed, for the boy would surely be killed. Lesser races had been allowed within the slums of Neriak, now known as the Foreign Quarter, but humans as a whole were subject to a quick death should they violate the streets of Neriak proper.

Upon entering the hallowed hallways of the Lodge of the Dead, I was immediately subjected to the initial Trials .. tests to prove my mettle and worth to Innoruuk. The Trials are torturous ... an unholy cleansing by fire if you will. And I came through them intact, marking me as truly being Touched by the Father.

Unfortunately for my birth father, and for me, after the Trial came a period of probing my young mind for weaknesses. And while my father could hide the human child from his fellow Teir' Dal, he could not hide from Innoruuk. The priests learned of the child's existence while conditioning my mind for the training to come. Immediately, I was banned from the Order for being the son of a traitor. I raged and railed at them, but they would not budge.

This was my birthright! They could NOT take this from me!

They would not take this from me ..

The priests were on the verge of calling down the might of the Indigo Brotherhood to punish my mother and father, and to slay the human child, when I bid them hold. I offered a show of my loyalty to the Order and to Innoruuk above all others ... on the condition that I be allowed to serve as I was born to do. I knew that I would still carry the stigma of my father with me for years to come, but I didn't care.

That night, I returned home. My father was outraged that I had apparently failed the Trials and been cast out. He raged at me for hours, many times giving me a taste of his fists. My mother merely watched.

Something was missing however ... the human. It would seem that my father knew what trials I would undergo, and knew that discovery was imminent .. so he secreted the child away, deep into the area known as the Eastern Common lands, and left him there to either be discovered, or perish. At that point, he could make up any story about my being delusional that he wished.

All this was driven home to me with each of his desperate frenzied fist falls. With each strike, a part of me died ... and the flames of my hatred grew hotter ...

Finally, he grew tired of beating me .. I crawled into my bed without a sound, holding my chest against the cracked ribs ... feeling the warmth of my own blood as it ran from my nose down my lips ... the taste of it only stoking my hatred more ...

That night, while my mother and father slept, I pulled out the small token that the priests had given me ... a set of two ceremonial daggers engraved with the symbol of the Father upon the hilts. The blades were both coated with Larasynth .. a poison known for its ability to kill quickly -- but never quietly.

I crept into their bedchamber ... all manner of mercy gone from my now ice cold young heart ... I raised up the first dagger .. and I thrust it into my father's throat. The scream he would have emitted died in a gurgle of thick life's blood, and his eyes opened wide just long enough to look into mine .. to know who it was who sent him before the Father for judgment.

When the blade had first struck, my mother awoke. She looked from the dagger, which was buried to its hilt in my father's throat to my face just as I locked eyes with her. She spat vile words at me .. but I did not hear. At that moment, my body went unnaturally calm .. a new energy flooded my limbs ... and I knew I was indeed one of Innoruuk's chosen.

I leapt at her .. this vile disgusting elg'caress who pulled me screaming into this plane .. all resemblance to the child I had been was gone as I swept the blade of the second dagger across her neck in a vicious arc. The cow's blood sprayed across my face ... a baptism ... I smiled as she gurgled out a dying curse at me.

It took time, as I was young and had not much strength yet, but I severed both of their heads and returned to the Lodge of the Dead .. exhausted and covered head to toe in the blood of those that had sired me.

The priests were pleased.

I was taken in and deemed worthy to be forged as a Knight of the Shadows. I entered bearing the shame of my father, as is our custom ... I was known only by my first name, as my surname bore the taint of my father's crime. The road ahead of me would be even more difficult than it would have had my father not disgraced himself ... for every young squire who succeeded in a task, quest, or trial, I had to be twice as good, twice as fast, twice as vicious.

At last, I was able, through countless tests of fire and hate, to gain standing in the eyes of the Father and attain my rightful place amongst the Dead. My life and strength are dedicated to His cause, and to the holy cleansing Hatred that is my birthright.

I know not if my efforts to prove myself in the eyes of the Father will ever be over .. it is not for me to decide.

My birth name was lost to me for a time … corrupted by the treachery of the bastard who spawned me.

I took a new name... a name signifying who I truly was to be …

I became the beast, whose hatred burns brighter than the stars in the sky … I am the wolf; feral servant of Death, herself. Enfolded in her dark wings, I am strengthened and tempered, that I may further the Father’s truth.

I am Innoruuk’s Will …

I am the vengeful hand of my most holy Queen who has restored honor to my name and my House …

I am Kryussius T`loth.

My will be done.
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Postby Serano » Thu Jul 28, 2005 12:45 pm

wretched halfling scum

Can't say that I disagree with this appraisel

Hobbitses :goat2

I guess the parents had LOW hit points - to go down with one hit from a piercer.
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Postby Yoshikawa » Thu Jul 28, 2005 3:19 pm

Critical Assassination = 64k damage
On the black wind forever we ride on together
Destroying your evil with freedom our guide
When the master will storm us
He'll stand high before us
Our hearts filled with splendour
Our swords will shine over the light
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Postby Senyla » Fri Jul 29, 2005 4:14 pm

That gave me chills Eamile :) Thank you.

I love dark elves!
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Postby Brikksx » Sat Aug 20, 2005 2:21 pm

Lies all lies!!
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Postby bill » Mon Aug 22, 2005 11:21 am

Brikksx is trying to break the Guinness Book of World Records for the most message board thread bumps in 72-hours, lets all cheer him on!!!

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Postby Brikksx » Mon Aug 22, 2005 12:42 pm


A Brother From A Different Mother

"If i am not back in five minutes, Just wait longer"
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awesome story

Postby tenor » Sun Nov 12, 2006 8:34 pm

After reading that story I have to conclude that The writing to be professional. Assuming u are not a professional writer already, I think you can make money as a writer.
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