This is for all of our Rangers whom we all love

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This is for all of our Rangers whom we all love

Postby Eamile Skyfire » Thu Jan 27, 2005 1:13 pm

How Rangers Lost Their Sense of Direction

A long time ago, there was this valiant ranger who knew all the lands as if they were the back of his hand. It was requested of him to show the paths others wished to take by many a valiant adventurer, who sought to bring the evil of Norrath to their very knees! He would lead them unerringly to their destinations and aid in stopping the injustice all about. The evil gods, angered by this rangers deeds, took it upon themselves to end his meddling and thus continue their survival.

So, one day, they cast a powerful curse upon this most noble ranger that he may be distracted by the tracks of other creatures - forget where he was headed and falter in his duties to aid those who needed guidance along the paths. Ever since, all rangers have wandered and strayed from their paths and gotten lost and distracted from their duties.
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