Forgotten holidays

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Forgotten holidays

Postby tenor » Tue Nov 21, 2006 1:28 pm

I sit and look at the family picture. We are all sitting around a long oak table. My Grandmother is passing yams to my cousin. My other cousin looks like he is trying to shoot a pee pod at my younger brother. My older brother is trying to gross out me with little spinich he splattered on my plate. My mother is Talking with her sister. A perfect picture that spawns such happy memories. Memories of family together enjoying the simple laughter at a dinner table. My grandmother Talks about St Francis of Asissi. I blurt out. You talking about Francis of a sissy? Everyone laughs. They know I am hearing impaired and give me the right information. My Grandfather is next to me talking about fishing. Thankgiving is a time when family get together with thanks. When I was younger I often wondered why people would be sad on this day. You are with family I thought, how can one be sad. Age brings understanding -I pay tribute and honor to those who made their transition. I salute in memory. Brothers and sisters who have lost their way to the dinner table of love. I welcome you in my heart. I pray that you can reclaim what u have lost and recognize your brother and sister with open arms.
It is sad when I see what was but is no longer there. I will have thankgiving be a time for the present, be thankfull for what I have, for the people who care. I am thankful that I am alive and able to laugh.
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