Beast Within

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Beast Within

Postby tenor » Tue Nov 07, 2006 12:58 pm

I run thru the plains of Karana. I see Griffons and hill giants laughing. Heading toward the city of Quenos I stop and talk with a villager. He is a wise man with deep penetrating blue eyes and a smile that tickles your soul. He is wearing a blue towel wrap around him sitting in a rocking chair. By the chair is a small brown table. He looks at me while sipping his cup of tea. I often stop and talk with him when I am troubled. "Why am I so troubled" I ask my friend.
He puts the cup of tea down on the table and looks at me for a moment. "My friend you come to me for advise but on this issue you have a hard time listening. You are troubled because u can not accept what is. Life flows like a river. You are a rock that is placed in the path of a river wanting to stop the natural flow of life. Each droplet of water that reaches you represents your troubles. Dont block the flow my friend. Let the river flow to its natural source in the cycle of life." The old man sits back in his rocking chair. He pick up his cup and sips the tea. smiling with joy.
I thank my friend and I run outside. I see the butterflies fluttering around a rosebush near his cottage. Such a beutifull scene. suddenly a bird swoops down and gulps down a tasty butterfly. The rest of the buterflies scatter. I stare at that empty rosebush. After a few moments they return fluttering around the rosebush accepting the sweet fragrance life has to offer.
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