crazy bard trying to sing

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crazy bard trying to sing

Postby tenor » Sat Nov 04, 2006 3:23 pm

I bet you wonder what this is all about. well I felt the need to post. I took singing lessons and failed. The bard master said "Sorry but you first need to have ears to listen." So I went to the doctor and had ears attached to the bone. What most people call a head. Excited, Ii ran back to the bard master and resumed my singing lessons. After the first song he shock his head and said "Appearances are decieving. He turn his back on me. I waited for a second then he turn around and smiled. The bard master said "Did u hear me sing?" Devestated I said "no." That is why u failed. u must listen with ur heart and feel the vibrations. Angry I said. "but that what I do in real life. I am deaf and I read lips and feel the vibrations. The bard master said "That is why you are a master in real life."

Hope u enjoyed my story. :)
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