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Bard TSS info

PostPosted: Fri Sep 15, 2006 2:21 pm
by Horcrux
AA's roughly.
5 min re-use Reverse DS that stacks with clerics for 100points
Upgraded Song of Shields/Notes that absorbs a fair bit. Enough that it got attention from other classes as being decent
30 min reuse increase melee damage on mobs (awesome) with a DD at the end.
Upgraded Bellows/Caca (so 600 a tick base)
Hymn of the Last stand, gives us a temporay HP boost that slowly fades. Kinda a mini Mend. Not game breaking, but enough to give you a second or two to get cured from a DoT.

Kill shot AA's. Dunno, not played with this, others will be able to give more info, but you get the kill, you get a short term bonus.
Expendable AA's for the bard who has everything. There's an AC/HP and a mini Seventh year vet version

Lulls/charms/mezes/manasong blah blah blah

Good stuff
Targeatable DA (though short duration for obvious reasons)
Veshma is the new HP/Mana pulse. 3 ticks after you get it, group gets the pulse. Good way to have other bards on raid covering group mana/hp after one singing AoE regen
Defensive Refraid, omg, omg, omg. This is rather impressive, though unusual. It's a rune that can absorb a HUGE chunk of incoming damage onto the groups mana pool (ours included). Very interesting, think it'll have it's uses (and it's people blocking it). Doesn't work on non-mana users, so the MT is out alas, but offtank hybrids may get a bit of use for the initial rush
New rune song is on a 9second recast so we can use it in a twist!
New nukes. VERY inefficient mana ration, but can cause the 1347 nuke base that can crit might be usefull for the kill shot.
New riz (like) songs. Add's an extra base amount to the spells (one song for ice, one for fire). Personally, I like the variation this'll add to the group songs selections as they're not just RizMkXII

Overall, it was close, but we got some great stuff.
The wierdest thing is that we WILL be using mana a fair bit in future (and the mana regen aa's should help, AND OoC regen, glad we got that in the end).
We've got some amazing defensive songs for tanks/hybrids, very impressive caster nuke upgrades, and a fair few totally new types

It's not bad. TSS has some impressive zones. The end zones look especially great. Ashengate has some really cool areas.
Pulling content is slim until the end zones for the most part.
Raids are as fun, scary, confusing, rewarding as ever.

Lots to it. Dragons and Giants!!! woot!

So, though I'm a bit wary for the release (as many beta players no doubt are), it still looks good, and good for bards.

I do expect alot of emergency/scheduled patches in the coming month. Moreso than usual. Nothing game breaking though.

(and upgraded roboboars! yay!).

I'm sold, I'm buying it now for more than 5 more levels. I see about a dozen reasons up there to buy it, each one rather unusual, but finally creative and will increase the ammount of goodies in my bag of tricks I can pull out in certain situations. Targeted DA, Mana Pool Rune, Defensive Disc actually worth the AAs, another Offensive Disc, an oh-shit AA half ass mend that will save my life countless times, referse DS... And it seems I'll now have a use for the mana that is constantly full unless I'm pulling something difficult, and half the time its still full.

Who else cares but me? Maybe Nennie. But I'm excited enough to post lol. And I expect to see multiple bard groups, and each bard in a raid being able to have unique jobs, and I'm happy.

And for every class, and something for those who have too many AAs, theres what seems to be expendable 1 use AA abilities that can be repurchased.

General AA's:
Potential of Serpentspine (5 aa 5 ranks) - stat cap increase by 5
Deaths Door ( 5 aa 5 ranks) - upgrade to porlonged mortality
Combat medic (3AA 5 ranks) - bandage aa
Fast Healing (3AA 5 ranks)- plus 1 regen
Quick Draw (5 aa, 1 rank)- increase potion belt slot by 1
Battle Ready (5AA, 1 rank) - extra bandoleer slot
Glyph of Dragon Scales (3 AA, EXPENDABLE)- 25% melee/spell run for up to 1 minute or 10k dmg absorbed
Glyph of Arcane Secrets (3 AA, EXPENDABLE)- 20% spell haste for 2 min
Glyph of Draconic Potential (3 AA, EXPENDABLE)- 750 hp/mana/endur for 10min
Glyph of Destruction (3 AA, EXPENDABLE)- 10% melee crit dmg increase for 2min

PostPosted: Fri Sep 15, 2006 4:43 pm
by Nennie
I'm looking forward to it! Finally more than the same 4 song types weve been singing for 70 levels! :thumbup

PostPosted: Fri Sep 15, 2006 4:53 pm
by Jahras
I had the new cold dmg focus song cast on me while parsing ( adds 715 dmg to lvl 66+ cold DD spells) and I can confirm that it was very, very nice hehe.

PostPosted: Fri Sep 15, 2006 6:47 pm
by Jahras
Posted about double attack.

bards gained 30 points starting at 71, and beastlords gained 50 points starting at 71.

The numbers may change a bit here and there, but after running everything through all the formulas, that's where it all landed.

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 17, 2006 6:12 pm
by Horcrux
List of Skill Cap increases for Bards....some other classes might have linear changes (like swimming).

Offense 270 -> 290
Piercing 270 -> 315
One Hand Slash 270 -> 315
One Hand Blunt 270 -> 315
Defense 270 -> 290
Dual Wield 260 -> 265*
Singing 235 -> 320
Brass Instruments 235 -> 320
Percussion Instruments 235 -> 320
Stringed Instruments 235 -> 320
Wind Instruments 235 -> 320
Swimming 200 -> 270
Parry 195 -> 220
Dodge 180 -> 250
Pick lock 125 -> 175
Hand to Hand 110 -> 175
Riposte 80 -> 125
Safe Fall 40 -> 155
Intimidation 100 -> 195
Bind Wound 200 -> 300
Throwing 120 -> 300
Double Attack 0 -> 30*

All instrument skills and Dodge get HUGE increases, sweet. And Innate Double Attack will be amazing. Though not sure what else I can picklock with only 50 more skill ups....most everything takes 200+ skill.