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PostPosted: Thu May 04, 2006 11:50 am
by Tailover
I need your brains.

I am 3.75 AA's from completing the Defensive portion of Tail's AA's. Magelo should be up to date with what I have.

Does any one know of a master of all AA's for SK suggested progression. I can find the partial ones below.

Please help.

PostPosted: Fri May 05, 2006 7:18 pm
by Xanaii
Send me a tell in game when you see me on Tailover.

PostPosted: Mon May 08, 2006 11:15 pm
by Xanaii
Alright. You asked me to post instead so here it is. I didn't have time to post before, and also this is completely opinion, as is all AA progression for any class. Especially anything considered a master AA progression for that class lol. But, here is MY Master SK AA progression chart. From what you should start with after you get all your defensive AA's from Luclin to DoD. ( defensive meaning Mitigation and Avoidance and HP ). I should also mention I didn't follow this to begin with as when I began AA's was before anything other then luclin AA's were out so...

After all defensive AA's.... And we're skipping General class AA's >.^

Archtype: 1.) Spell Casting Fury 3. ( more crit lifetaps = more heals = you staying alive longer = happy times. )
2.) Mental Clarity 3 ( more mana to cast lifetaps = happy times. )
3.) Channeling Focus 3 ( you're going to be hit, best to be able to cast when that's happening, I reccomend this near last in the archtypes however because you get an innately LARGE interuption reduction as you lvl and with a spell haste aug or focus, this shouldn't be so much trouble, but still a BIG help. )
4.) Fear Resistance ( you'll discover why this is useful in so many ways if you don't already know. Plus you need it to become completely resistant to fear. Which imo is a must for pal/sk )

1.) Unholy Steed ( It's a pal/sk ego thing )
2.) Improved harm touch!!!! ( woah buddy all SK's love the super HT and so do burn out raids, not too mention it's useful on those piece of crap gating/healing/nuking MObs when in a group. ) -side note- when using Unholy Aura disc to turn your HT into double the damage, this DOES turn your HT into Disease Based instead of magic based, I've tested and proven this, and it's mentioned on several sites. Keep that in mind when buying/getting Improved Damage augs/items. Sorry got off track.

3.) Leech Touch ( this is like a Lay on Hands for SK's, and also isn't resisted like normal HT is in duels /weg )
4.) Double Riposte 3 ( not many know this, but when you Riposte an attack. the attack MISSES you and you hit them back! You don't JUST hit them back hehe. /hig Riposte )
5.) Soul Abrasion 3 ( more heals = happy times. )
6.) Body and Mind Rejuvenation
7.) Fearlesss ( note above about fear resistance )
8.) 2h Bash ( barsh barsh barsh, SK's use 2h more then 1h anyways. Note that when using 2h bash it doesn't bash nearly as hard as you will with a shield, as they did something with shield AC+bash=dmg some time ago I think..Or something..I dunno...But I know I bash more with a higher AC 2h weapon then with a low ac 2h weapon so =P.

Planes of Power: I include A. Innate Stamina and Planar Power and Planar Durability in the Defensive Category ( get those before other AA's imo )

1.) Theft of Life 3 ( chance to crit heal on lifetaps? come on :guitar )
2.) Unholy Touch 3 ( this is the end of your super HT line, get it fast and you're good to go )
3.) Flash of Steel 3 ( /slides to the left /slides to the right /wack wack wack. Get you sum. )
4.) Consumption of the Soul ( anyone want more life? :wavey )


1.) Weapon Affinity 5 ( this AA includes your self buffed taps! and they proc at crazy rate as is. with your soul abrasion 3 and weapon affinity 5. Watch out mobs, this SK ain't goin' down anytime soon, even without a healer! )
2.) Advanced Theft of Life 2 ( Yay for crit taps )
3.) Improved Consumption of the Soul 2 ( anyone want even MORE life?? :bluejump )
4.) Persistent Casting 3
5.) Swift Journey 2 ( not a whole lot of use once you get this for the AA's honestly, this may be one of the LAST aa's you want to get on a general basis. I still mention it though because it's still useful enough TO mention /smile )

Omens: Oh boy..... This one is tough at times, there are so many *sigh* ( oh and Origin AA, I say fook it, buy gate potions, at this lvl you should be able to afford them without wasting valuable AA's that are actualy useful to your fellow group and raid =P )

1.) Mnemonic Retention ( another spell to cast, wewt! )
2.) Death Peace ( no mana FD? Come on now sony, why do you treat us SK's so good? )
3.) Fury of Magic 3
4.) Soul Thief 3
5.) Touch of the Cursed 3 ( A chance to tap an opponent anytime you hit them? Again, why do you treat us so good Sony? )
6. Spiritual Corrosion 3 ( more taps more taps. tap tap tap that ass..... oh sorry /coughs loudly as he makes sure Lynns not around )
7.) Expansive Mind 5
8.) Shield Block 3 ( when we do use shields it's very nice to be able to completely block an attack with it eh? SK's :guitar )
9.) Mystical Attuning ( useful in many ways obviously, for any class. but not super important for an SK because we don't get many self buffs other then 4 at the most that we actualy use and are useful that use up effect slots )

Darkhollow: Just wanted to ask why in the hell they added Innate see invis to SK's line of AA's in this expansion as well as others who get the spell to see invis itself...??? Anyone? Oh wait this is sony. hah nevermind. :razz

1.) Cloak of Shadows ( Woooo-F-Hooo, no more damn Circlet of Shadow!!!! SK's rejoice )
2.) Willful Death 5 ( So very useful on raids, uqua among others, and groups and just soloing period, each rank increases your chance to not have your FD seen through by 10%!!! That's a total of 50%! Awesome :thumbup )
3.) Channeling Mastery 5

Alrighty and there you have MY opinion, and I cannot stress that this is MY opinion, enough. So please don't flame me for what I suggested as the master of all AA progression for SK's :spank .

You'll also notice how I didn't include a crap-load of useful AA's in there, most of them are pure melee offensive AA's, and other ones. As I see it, those are useful in any situation and you can add those in any way you yourself see fit. And keep in mind you can add any and all of your aa's as YOU see fit. It's all about personal style. Whatever reflects your personality is the way you should place your AA's. If you want to be an SK-God. Then what I suggested is how I think you should do it =P But that's my opinion. please don't hurt me :? .

Personal Style people! Be orginal and you'll love it and so will everyone else. Well, maybe. Actualy it could happen they hate you if you're style is waaaaaaay suckage. But as long as you're happy, who cares right? :jester .

My alt/box warrior Shinaii is completely offensive based in his AA's lol..I have only all defensive aa's up to PoP. EVERYTHING else is offensive, he has every single offensive AA up to PoP, since when I was doing his AA's as a box he was just that, a box and mine and Xera's main DPS lol and also lvl 65 =P. Besides I think of him as a rogue anyways and often wish he was /sigh. But now I can honestly say, with his gear, and his AA's and with him almost lvl 70, he's a rogue with HP /flex. He owned Xanaii in a head-on melee duel at lvl 65...65 warrior with 131aa's against a 70sk with 620aa's and Xanaii got spanked. Shinaii was at half life when Xanaii died. Made me sad and happy at the same time....Anyways there I go off the subject again...

Hope all that helped you Tailover and any other SK who could have used the advice, if it was advice at all lol. :help


PostPosted: Mon May 08, 2006 11:20 pm
by Xanaii
Oh and I just wanted to add. After doing all that. Going through all my own AA's over again, and so on.....SK's AA's > All.....In my opinion of course. But omg seriously. I've played tons of classes throughout my time in this game. Sk was NOT the first. Won't be the last either. But anyone who hasn't played one. Just make one real fast. Pull up the AA window and look at the AA's they get, and think of an SK with some high-end gear with over 1k AA's....Think hard on this........It boggles me personally =)

PostPosted: Wed May 10, 2006 1:42 pm
by Angyish
tail. don't waste your AA on fear resistance. don't waste it on shit like leech touch becuase its on the same timer as improved HT which means you can only use one and if you have to blow leech touch it means your already dead since your clerics are either retarded dead or afk.

after you finish your defensives buy shield block becuase most people don't consider it a required defensive AA. then buy all crit spells and melee in archtype. get 2h bash and PE if you don't have PE yet. um weapon affinity is a must and so is soul abrasian. crit heal AA's are important.

there is an AA in class and i forget what its called but it says it will improve the damage done by innate lifetaps. buy all ranks of this even though its 18 AA. turns self procs from 50 DD to 125~ thats a huge upgrade and any SK who doesn't get it has to be retarded.

after you finish most of those get double and tripple attack stuff as well as the delay death AA's those will help you on late cheals.(purple club FTW) and by the time you get all that you'll be around 500 AA where i'm sitting so i've got no clue where to go after that.

ignore innate stats becuase your gear will eventually just make those useless AA's the only thing i would buy innate is resists. but mine change from strongest to weakest so often i don't bother.

thats my 2 cp tail.

PostPosted: Wed May 10, 2006 4:21 pm
by Xanaii
Innate stats from general are needed to get the advanced innate stats from PoP which UP your stat cap. Like Xanaii has 365 to sta and most other stats. Fear resistance is still good to have but Angyish is right it's not super important it's just highly useful and you'll be the person raids look at when they're up against a chain fearing badass and there are many. Soul Abrasion is the AA that increases your self buffed taps. and yes it increases them by 25dmg/hp per.

And Leech Touch has saved my life more times then I can remember. Think of times when the healer in your group dies and you're fighting a boss mob that's casting AE DoT's that are sucking up your life. you're OOM and about to die but the spell is 12 seconds from wearing off and the Boss is not dead yet or there is a trash mob nearby....Wack it with your leech touch and you're life is saved. This has actualy happend a lot to be. Namely on Babs the spidey queen back in the day. Bertox and then Quarm ( that was my game when I raided back then ) And yeah it uses your existing timer. But so does using HT. And Leech Touch still does dmg, and heals you as well...../whistle and looks around

PostPosted: Thu May 11, 2006 12:28 pm
by Angyish
doesn't do as much damage though does it?

PostPosted: Thu May 11, 2006 2:45 pm
by Xanaii
if you're using it though you're not looking to do damage lol.

Anyways I am not trying to argue here lol. Go with whatever you want to do. There is no con about leech touch though and that makes it good, no?

PostPosted: Thu May 11, 2006 6:59 pm
by Xerasta
Xanaii has his opinion, you have yours Angyish. Opinions are just that, opinions. Everyone is entitled to have one and as far as I can see no one's is really better than another one's. AA, also as far as I can see, are situational. The best AA for anyone should be based on how they play their character.

PostPosted: Thu May 11, 2006 8:52 pm
by Angyish
wow you know i'm not goint to start a debate about opinions with you becuase for whatever reason i have the idea that i will make you cry.(and god knows i don't need a PM from bill asking me why i'm making people cry again)

but i will express one more opinion before i leave. there's a differance between healthy debate which can lead to understanding, and just arguing which really just leads to drama. and if i want that i'll post something offensive in open chat and wait for doofy and ophi.

what i was having here was a good healthy debate about what would be a good AA progression for tail who doesn't play alot as far as i remeber. i certainlly didn't tell him to take the same AA path as myself i thought, hmm its tail maybe innate stats wouldn't be as good for him for whatever reason becuase double and tripple attack is better becuase blah blah blah. and advised him based on what i knew his play style to be.

in any case if you percieved my posts as an attack then i would suggest you suck it up and get some skin that isn't made of wet tissue paper. becuase as i'm sure bill and ari will tell you, thats about as polite as I will ever get. (and if you didn't ignore this little bit)

PostPosted: Thu May 11, 2006 11:58 pm
by Xanaii
Not at all as an attack /bonk. And I bonked Lynn for posting that, she's defensive.

Tailovers question was how to go to progress to be a master SK, and to be that imo you need Leech Touch otherwise, on the side line, in a group, in pvp, in a raid, when you COULD have used it and it would have saved you, but didn't have it...Then guess your not a master SK =P. It's like Lay on Hands cut in half, but does dmg to your opponent as well. I mean you just can't go wrong with it and it only costs 6 aa. Can get that in a day or two depending your play style.

Don't get angry here though man, as I stated and thought I emphasized largely on up there is it's my opinion. But it just so happend that you touched on a topic of one of my large opinions =P. Can't pass up a good debate, wouldn't be an SK if that were the case now would I?

PostPosted: Fri May 12, 2006 7:42 am
by Bilnick
Don't get the horse! Don't waste 5-14 AA's. Traveling is so easy in EQ now that I have never seen the need to get one. I have so many other AA's to get (I only have about 350) that the pony is extremely low on my list....slightly above innate CHA.

PostPosted: Fri May 12, 2006 7:51 am
by Angyish
xanii my post was most directed at "lynn" or whoever it was who got all defensive.

clearly i'm a master SK don't make me find the thread where bil said it himself.


PostPosted: Fri May 12, 2006 10:08 am
by bill
You're a master baiter that's about it =)

Bil, look at your avatar. That should be inspiration for knights all around Norrath!

Re: heh

PostPosted: Fri May 12, 2006 10:13 am
by Bilnick
bill wrote:Bil, look at your avatar. That should be inspiration for knights all around Norrath!

Exactly!!! Who needs an AA pony!!!