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What am I doing wrong.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2006 8:56 am
by Tailover

I THINK I have all the HP related AA's. I am working on getting all the Avoidance and Mitigation AA's.

What do I have to do to get 3k more hp to be an OK tank?

I got like 40k in the bank.

What gear should I Get?

PLEASE be kind I am depressed enough as it is.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2006 9:10 am
by wileyc143
ok dude heres the easiest way i have found to get upgrades for your char in a fairly timely manner.

1) DoDh missions ie; 68-70 spell series. if you can't tank sometimes there is a chance that you can play a pet or just get a /taskadd when they are nearing completion.

2) DoN with 40k in the bank and radiant prices on the fall this might be what you need to look into for upgrades. there is some pretty sweet gear/augs that will really make a big diff.

Those are the 2 things that have really helped me out and gotten me up over 8k unbuffed.

Tier 2 DoN completion will also give you 200hp ish upgrade

hope this helps bro I know how you felt fo shure!!

PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2006 10:43 am
by phishn00
Could try getting a shield + the shield block aa's. From what I understand, that mitigates a ton of damage, and will make better use of your current hp. Pallies or Sk's correct me if I'm wrong on that, but I know a bunch of high end knight's who use 1h'er + shield over 2.0.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2006 10:45 am
by Meso
Nope. Actually most high enders use 2 handers.
Sacrifice the shield for higher damage (per hit), less mob riposte, and casting time (2 handers are generally slower than 1 handers).
if ya hit him too much, he's gonna hit ya back too much

As MT on boss mobs this may be true. But setting riposte aside as it is not a universal factor you have to strike a balance between DPS and stats on the weapon combo.
It's tough to compare a 2 hander statwise to the combined stats of a good 1 hander and shield.
Beyond a well auged epic its hard to find a 2 hander to match 1H/shield stats/procs/foci

PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2006 11:53 am
by Tailover
Does anyone know if there is a short list of what drops you need to get DoN armor?

PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2006 12:00 pm
by Meso
DoN armor short list:

Radiant crystals


Ebon crystals

DoN database

Beyond that dropped items are very rare, very random, and some are quite nice.


OoW armor list slightly longer.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2006 12:08 pm
by Zyzzerzazz
If qermity is a plow / MT he always goes 1hs and shield.

If he is not ether of those - he goes epic 2.0

Maybe the 1hs and shields we have access to do not make up enough of a differnace to switch from 2hs?

His 1hs is somthing silly like 74 damage/ 34 delay - so aggro is not an issue going 1hs / shield.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2006 12:08 pm
by Serano
And sneak in on some DOD missions... Find someone doing kite missions that will yeild you my cloak, my mask or some augs. do some dod.

buy some crap with radiant crystals. It doesn't appear you ever did omens faction as I didn't notice any omens tier one stuff. heck - you have some things that ornate would be an upgrade to.

Look up Alah's quests in Undershore, Corathus creep and stoneroot -- set up groups for those missions. Look at the missios that will net you an upgrade.

RIGHT NOW - I would encourage you to get a rogue to run hide and sneak(or whatever that is) to get you a mask. Do a 69.1 kite mission and do a Lost Gnomes mission. Those 3 will get you 3 guaranteed loots. in fact - do 69.1 hard OVER AND OVER AND OVER until you get the BP. it is over 200 HP and 99 some AC.

get yourself in on that mission necros are doing all the time and get a Drachnid Exoskeleton Fragment


PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2006 12:33 pm
by Goofydoofy
Actually, none of the above posts explain what he is doing wrong. What he is he doing wrong is, he is not playing a Druid.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2006 12:41 pm
by phishn00
Maybe the 1hs and shields we have access to do not make up enough of a differnace to switch from 2hs?

It was my understanding that Tail was asking why he was having trouble tanking.

Shield + 1h'er is > 2h'er when you're tanking, no matter what level of the game you're at, as long as you're not being retarded with an 18 del primary or whatever.

The comment I made before about high end knights using 1h'ers was for when they are plow tank etc, not when they're just playing dps.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2006 12:52 pm
by Serano
What do I have to do to get 3k more hp to be an OK tank?

More HP.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2006 12:56 pm
by Tailover
More HP.

Serano thank you for those wonderful words of wisdom.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2006 12:59 pm
by Jahras
Another little boost would be to get some DoN progression missions in for Gift of the Keepers and Valor of the Keepers, gimblax is easy enough, and emoush raids aren't hard to come by.

Hang out at RSS fountain when you're bored and look for rotting 70 hp augs, or AC from the other camp.

Maybe form groups for MPG kruan camp and get a pair of the infantry greaves from there.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2006 1:13 pm
by Angyish
tail your really doing nothing wrong its that your gear is expansions old. so your gonna want to go to MPG get a warclasp and a ground murglider eyes aug blind/task camp. with a cleric with his/her head on trait and oow buffs you'll tank it just fine. next go over to DoN and drop the plat to buy enough crystals for plate legs and plate wrists and hp augs for them. they will help you a bunch. rockmold 30 ac was good but you can do better.

stick with your current weapon. i have shield block 3 and only use 1h when raiding GoD becuase that stuff trash mobs can hit for 2k. but the migiation hasn't been that huge or at leaste it wasn't imo.

if your a good fearer and you should be as a shadowknight get a guild group and go after MPG fear trial as the fearer despair or neck slot will help you an immense amount. and camping out in rss while lfg looking for rot items isn't a half bad idea you'll score runes more then anything else and prolly die a few times but its a good idea. go for 25 ac more then the 70 hp ones.

getting task added for DoD for the loot won't be a bad idea at all. if you can get a group of TF to take you through a 69.3 hard. the shoulders out of that beat anything i've seen out potime in terms of being good for tanks. the AC is like 23 but hp is 215 and 2% shielding. which some difficulty but a really focused group i would say you could maybe even tank the 68.1 and 68.2. maybe 69.1. if you go to MPG and rss first and get some drops there (warclasp murkglider eyes aug icedrop earing(rots i'm sure) and flameshield and 70 hp augs. along with DoN plate bracers and legs you'll be in much better shape.

AC> hp until you have 2200 unbuffed ac. but bringing both up is a good idea.

that's what i got for you now bud. just keep working away.

if you got any questions pm me or send me a tell in game i'll help ya out if i can.

PostPosted: Thu Feb 02, 2006 1:15 pm
by Serano
my post was more of a reply to phishn. My first was ones with some ideas for some gear. Angy has a good spot as well. Warclasp rots all the time. My earing I got in the lost gnomes mission which is the same one my cloak you get automatically for finihsing and can be kited by a weak kite group.