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Postby phishn00 » Tue Jan 10, 2006 1:18 am

Interesting read. Most interesting part I found was, opening with a level 4 nuke will decrease the generated agro from your first high lvl nuke by 30%. Definitely worth a try for those times when you're tryin to burn down a mob as quickly as possible. There's another good post farther down if you click the link about agro decay.

I did recently several tests regarding aggro, and since results were posted in several posts, I decided to make short recapitulation of those tests and results here.

Some of those tests confirm already existing theories, some tests shows that other theories are wrong, and some tests find out some real numbers about aggro, related to previous theories. Where appropriate, I'll link those previous theories.

I will try here to put just short versions of what I concluded. Long test descriptions will be linked. Of course, I do not claim that all this is 100% correct, but so far seems to be in line with stuff I know.

Some links on related theories or tests, and some info used as granted:
- aggro and taunt theory and tests (Total_Hate = Hate + Hate_Bonus) on SteelWarrior board

- aggro and concussion tests and theory done by Istari

- aggro tests done by me, posted in other thread , as well as here

- one concussion (1c) is 400 aggro worth

Results of my tests:

1) confirmed theory that Total_Hate = Hate + Hate_Bonus, where melee, spell, concussion, taunt work only with Hate portion, while initial pull, proximity and sit aggro goes into HateBonus. You can find some of that theory explained on SteelWarrior board link

2) confirmed that 'initial pull' aggro is indeed in HateBonus part, and found that numerically it is around 100 points

3) confirmed that every succesfull taunt result in WAR getting his Hate= max_previous_Hate + some_small_value_Ti, and not changing WARs HateBonus. Found out that Ti~30 aggro

4) confirmed that because of initial puller aggro (100) and way taunt works, war needs 4 successful taunts to steal aggro from initial puller, while one successfull taunt is enough to steal from others

5) confirmed that concussion works when ressisted, same as when not ressisted (SoS still needs 7c)

6) proved that , while initial puller aggro exists, initial aggro for everyone who atatck mob does not exists. Previous theories suggested such aggro worth 2c as explanation for some test results.

7) as result from previous statement, casting two concussions prior to first nuke are not useful per se

8) introduced new theory to explain test results that show how opening with SoS result in 9 concuss woth aggro, while normal SoS results in 7c. Theory says that aggro for first used spell on mob is increased for 30%.

9) as result from previous statement, opening with one low aggro spell (ANY low aggro spell, like concuss, temp flux staff... and only one is enough) will potentially result in less aggro than opening with SoS

10) aggro decay - tested and tests show NO evidence that such decay exists, at least not within 5min period

11) proximity aggro - tested approximate value of HateBonus that proximity to mob gives, and found out that it is around 140 points - although it may differ for different mobs.

12) sitting aggro - tested approximate value of HateBonus that sitting gives, and found out that it is around 200 points - although it may differ for different mobs
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