Post 65 Enchanter quest

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Post 65 Enchanter quest

Postby dantenx » Fri May 20, 2005 6:52 pm

Give a ruby (costs about 130 pp) and this guy will wipe your specializations so you can move from Alteration to Evocation.

As you get more endgame, you will realize that you cast a DD spell at least once a fight, and usually two to three times depending on your FT. I have many battles where I DD 7 to 8 times. (pretty much continuously)
...And the only Alteration spell I cast is slow unless we're taking a named mob. Even then, the mob usually goes down in 48 seconds or less.

Named mobs don't happen very often, and I only got 3 or 4 debuffs I'm going to throw at them anyway. (then the remaining 3/4 of my mana bar goes toward DDing until it's dead.)

In the old world of EQ, it made sense to go with alteration, but the mobs go down too quickly now to bother with debufs other than slow. You'll probably save your cleric more mana by helping the mob die faster with DD rather than debuffing the mob to reduce damage output. (that output just doesn't last as long as it used to.)

Even at a raid, what does an enc do? Cast 4 debuffs, then DD fifteen times until you're OOM. You can cast the same debuffs and then DD even more.

Eventually, you know you're going to get Spell Casting Reinforcement, and Spell Casting Reinforcement Mastery. (It will make your buffs last 50% longer) So the only real big thing to have alteration as your specialization for is DEbuffing. (which I already went over.)

If you're on alteration, think about it and watch your casting habits to see what you cast most often. You may find that the role of debuffer is overshadowed by your roll as DPS.

(Especially if you have the leve 68 spell Psychosis, it gives amazing damage per mana ratio compared to any of our other DDs)

For all that are 65+, I highly recommend getting a Glowing Stone of Expulsion.
It really increases your damage output.
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