Bah Bards.

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Bah Bards.

Postby arielyn » Mon Apr 25, 2005 9:35 am

Man, the guild leader is a bard and there isn't even a thread about bards here.

so here it is
my little thread
I play eq and
I go to bed.

Us bards are great
Don't You agree?
I'll BRB
I have to pee.

Ok I'm back
How come we wiped?
I sang mana song
And didn't Type!
I didn't pull
That 10 mob train
You better find
Someone Else to blame

I sing my songs
And play my drums
Man didn't SOE
Make our class dumb?
We sometimes slow
We sometimes haste
We sometimes Fight
But its a waste.

Our DPS is
Like a little girl
We're just missing
Some more hair curls.

We run around at
The speed of light
Yet no one wants us
to join the fight.

So we run around
In little circles
I cant think of anything that
Rhymes with circles
So we get real dizzy
till we fall down
Look at us!!!!!
The kiting Clowns!

Does that mob summon?
Does it AOE?
Does It cast Snare???
Shit it killed me!

Oh poor poor bards
We are the few
Who put up with the shit
That sony threw

*Here's an Idea*
We'll make a class
That Can do everything
But only half-ass

They'll pick some locks
That we wont make

They'll Tank some mobs
That they cant take

They'll buff a group
They give some haste

But just a little.....
Just a taste.

Oh, LET them mezz
but make it suck

So they'll get smacked
Like by a truck

And lets make them
Run really fast

So cliff diving dying
can be a blast

Lets give them safe fall
but just a little

man oh man,
Sony loves bard puddles

They'll slow some mobs
But heres the deed
There slows will suck
and groups wont need

They will track
but just for mobs
That are 5 feet away
So whats their job?

To run around
And Say out loud
amongst the crowd

The crowd will laugh
and Get a different class
because who really wants
A toon thats half ass

I see what happened
When Sony made us
They got a group together
and caused a fuss

we need a new class
the execs said
and brainstorming began
inside their heads

They Thought real long
and they thought real hard
And suddenly someone said
Lets make a bard

We'll pick the pieces
Of all the classes
And make them suck
make them half asses

Sony Agreed,
And There was bard
I bet god him self
Never laughed so hard

So here we are,
The bards of EQ

the end.

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