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Postby Forco » Wed Sep 07, 2005 8:55 am

I have the DoN aug in the bank waiting on 70.

I just find it odd that a weapon from the 3rd expansion is still so sought after by people. I dont know if its the selling capability after your done with it or what. Much better weapons out there to be had than a BoC. Once 70, the door of DoN opens for even better argo equipment.

As to the BOC, I think it's the lack of a level restriction and that it is fast. It does not have an AC boost and other weapons well aug'd are better. As I heard someone say in POK a few nights ago. However the weapons and or augs he was saying to use as a rep have level restrictions that I still can't use at 70!!! So if I have a hard enough time with aggro at 67 with the BOC I can imagine without it. Plus at level 20-now it has proven a capable weapon. ESPECIALLY if it is free. You can share it with other toons because it is NOT No trade. It really isn't a bad sword it is however rarer than others and I think it drives the price up, that and the reusability to twink toons and the resellability. Would I buy it? No, I don't think I would spend my hard earned fortunes on it, but people that have a lot of plat and nothing to do with it may to use it till they get a better one once they level and sell it for their plat back. I also heard someones arse going off in POK about how warriors don't need to worry about aggro till level 65 PFFT I was tanking and dieing at pov when I was 59 and told i couldn't till 62, but if you wanna see shammy/Chanty splatters go to pov with a warrior thats under 62 tanking WW/EW that can't hold aggro... I did ok, I got groups because people saw my BOC and said ok ok BOC is an aggro whore.
Now however it is not enough, I need a lot more aggro.
I have listened to the advise posted here, I got my stone from DON, cant use till 70 and am trying to find LDONs to get the LDON aug, not one group yet... I've stopped working on AAs and am 100% XP to get to 70, then I will get on AA's again.
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Postby Lemme » Wed Sep 07, 2005 9:30 am

Will do No Ro ldons if you want a 62 bst. Probably just better off doing don or oow for exp and getting to 70 though as ldon exp is the stink.
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