Magician Nuke Spreadsheet

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Magician Nuke Spreadsheet

Postby bill » Wed Jan 19, 2005 3:35 pm

With this, you can customize which focus effects you have and then find out which of your nukes is the most efficient.

This helped me because I am in a weird spell situation atm.

If I use my Ornate gloves (20% mana pres to Sun Vortex, lvl 65), my DPM (damage per mana) with Sun Vortex is 7.39. With my 66 Bolt, with the same equipment its 6.92. With my lvl 68 nuke which I get in 4% xp (woot!) I have a 7.42 DPM.

However, if I switch in some higher mana gloves and switch out my Earring of the Solstice for my summoned Detrimental mana pres 5 (focusing my 66 and 68 spells as well as my 65 by 15% which is a 5% loss on the 65 and a 15% gain on the 66 and 68's.) earring, my DPM shifts.

Without my Ornate gloves and using my summoned Nuke pres earring, here is the DPM:

Sun Vortex: 7.16
Bolt of Jerikor: 7.18
Blade Strike: 7.84

So by looking at these numbers, I know that once I acquire lvl 68, I am permanently switching out my Ornate gloves and permanently losing either my Earring of the Solstice or my Earring of Oppression since I will want the summoned earring for the 15% mana pres on nukes.

I find that with neither the summoned nuke focus item nor my ornate gloves, I have the following DPM:

Sun Vortex: 6.91
Bolt of Jerikor: 6.92
Blade Strike: 7.42

This tells me that my Ornate gloves right now are pretty important. The ornate bring my 65 nuke from 6.91 (almost tied with Bolt of Jerikor) to 7.39 which is a significant jump. That 0.48 increase is about the difference from casting a 65th level nuke and a 68th level nuke. AKA big.

The gloves bring my 65th level spell to doing the DPM of a lvl 68.

Anyhow, its helpful if you are a mage with gear/focus questions. It helped me anyhow. Can't wait to hit 68!!
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Postby nazar » Wed Feb 02, 2005 5:46 pm

mages suck drannor..dont you know?
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