Raid Pulling, TM, etc.

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Raid Pulling, TM, etc.

Postby rsix » Fri Dec 31, 2004 3:04 am

Monk lull was stealth nerfed in a recent patch, so we need room to split most mobs we would get decent xp from again. Splitting mobs is fairly simple if they cooperate and don't all go back at the same exact time. Occasioanlly multiple attempts are required to split off the desired ammount of mobs.

For raids, if we have 8 64+ tanks and 9 healer types with 5 slowers we should be able to handle a handful of mobs in camp at once if anyone is paying the slightest attention, so in the interest of not taking all night to clear a room expect multiple mobs (I do not know why ppl are still stuck in the 1 or 2 mob at a time, MT / AT mindset on a plow). A plow is just that.... you have 8 tanks, 9 healers, and 5 slowers..... in reality you should be able to handle at least 8 XP mobs, so 4 should not be causing deaths if ppl are paying attention.

Couple simple rules to follow to assist ur pullers and keep the raid moving at a decent pace:
1. DO NOT stand on top of where the monk attempting split mobs, you will get aggro.
2. DO NOT bitch if you get aggro because you are somewhere you are not supposed to be and get hammered with a crapload of mobs that a monk is attempting to split.
3. Always expect multiple mobs (more than 2) on most pulls in most zones, I personally pull as many as I feel the raid can handle at one time, odds are if the raid is not handling it, someone is not paying attention.
4. DO NOT take all day to tag mobs that are chasing ur puller. If you are a knight and see an "inc" message, assist the puller and start casting as soon as you can (don't wait for them to get to you). If you are a warrior, fire an arrow ASAP. I do not FD until all mobs have been aggro'd (better me than a cleric eat it cuz ur slow).
5. If you see mobs chasing ur puller, but no "Inc" message, do nothing; they are most likely trying to split up some bad guys.
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