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Sk 1.5

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(note: All of the below was compiled by Malacious, so talk to him about possible errors or clarification)

Epic 1.5 Walkthrough:

Sienn Kastane can be found in the Plane of Knowledge, evil side.

You say, “Hail, Sienn Kastane”

Sienn Kastane says, “You. You are the one I have seen in my visions.” Sienn removes a dark blade from a scabbard. “I have just obtained this sword from one of my apprentices. This blade may be the key to the very existence of the shadowknight. Aare you aware of [what has been transpiring]?”

You say, “What has been transpiring?”

Sienn Kastane places her hands upon your forehead. A gravelly voice that is clearly not Sienn’s fills your mind. “Do you feel it? I am sure you do. Innoruuk’s Voice is so distant now. His voice is merely a whisper. This disturbs me greatly. How will the evil ones do their master’s bidding without his dark guidance? I fear the end is near for champions of the darkness such as yourself. We cannot let it happen! I believe I know of a way we can slow down the diminishing of our master’s voice. There is a sword of great evil. It is not however of this world. I believe I can summon it to this plane of existence, but I will need several [items] first…” The voice ends. “That was the voice of Ritald, a luggald in the service of the dark lord, Innoruuk.

You say, “What items?”

Sienn Kastane says, “Your first task is to find me a tome. The sword has told me of a tome that details its history. I do not know where this tome might be, but I suggest you talk to Grand Librarian Maelin here in the Plane of Knowledge. He may have more information of this tome. When you find it, return it to me.”

You say, “Hail, Grand Librarian Maelin”

Maelin tells you, 'The Quintessence! Oh my this is amazing! I have come into contact with Chronographer Muon in the realm of innovation. Go to him, show him you have the power to activate machine. I shall meet you there, this I must see!'

You say, “What tome?”

Grand Librarian Maelin says 'Yes, I seem to recall having such a tome. But evil it is. I don't hand out such dangerous knowledge to just anyone. However. . . I am curious about something and perhaps you can help me. A prominent professor of biology and I have a bet as to how a certain creature from the Realm of Discord, known as a murkglider breeds. He believes they give live birth, and I believe they are egg layers. Unfortunately, I have been so busy here, that I have not been able to make arrangements to travel there and observe the creatures more. If you could travel to the Realm of Discord and [find an egg] for me, I will give you the book you seek.'

You say, “Find an egg.”

Grand Librarian Maelin says 'I appreciate your help with this! The creature I was supposed to study are most commonly known as murkgliders. The easiest way to describe them is that they look like large, floating octopuses. See if you can hunt down any breeding murkgliders and return an egg to me that I can study. You might want to bring some companions along, as this might be a dangerous task.'

Head to City of Dranik. In the southwest area of the zone there is a tunnel system, incuding two rooms, full of murkgliders. In the northernmost room, there is “a murkglider creeper” or “a murkglider swarmer.” If you are lucky, you may find Murkglider Breeder. You need to kill him, doable with a group with the right tactics. He spawns 6 Murkglider Spawn during the fight. Quad 940 max, the spawn hit for the same and flurry.

You have looted A Gelatinous Murkglider Egg.

Grand Librarian Maelin says 'I knew they were egg-layers! Ha, this is one gnome who hates losing a bet and thanks to you I wont! This is the tome you seek. Please bring it back to me when you are done.'

Maelin gives you ‘The Silent Gods.’ Bring this to Sienn.

Sienn Kastane says "You have done well in aquiring this tome.' Sienn opens the tome and begins to read. 'It says that a sheath must be created to protect the sword. Unfortunatly the instructions for making this sheath are a bit unclear. The only clues given to the items needed are, to gather a dark hide of a creature unmatched in its bleakness, a holy lock of hair from a fair creature unmatched in happiness, and a gem possessing the very essence of fear itself, held by a creature more fearsome. If you find these three items, combine them in a sewing kit and then hand the sheath to me. I await your return.

The first is from “a gloom nightmare” in PoNightmare.
You have looted Gloom Nightmare Hide.

The second comes from “a rolling plains steed” in PoGrowth.
You have looted Lock of Blessed Unicorn Hair.

The third comes from Amydgalan Knights and Warriors in PoFear.
You have looted Eye of the Dark Gods.

Combine this in a tailoring kit. Was trivial to me at 239+ 5%.

Give the resulting Sheath of Darktidings to Sienn.
Sienn Kastane says, “I admit that I did not think you could accomplish this task. Perhaps you really are meant to be the sword’s champion. Our work is not done however. There are those that wish for this sword to be destroyed. One of these beings is a froglok paladin named, Fraga. He was last seen in the Plane of Valor. Kill him and bring me any clues as to what his plans may be.”

Fraga can be found in PoV in the camp of tents near the Graveyard. Go ahead and attack him. He quads 2850, rampages, has low atk, summons and casts paladin spells, but is easily one groupable. Partial slowable, unsnareable, does not summon. Doable with 1 mid elemental level group with a Knight tank.

You have looted Fraga’s Parchment.

Hand parchment to Sienn.

Sienn Kastane begins to read the parchment. A worried look plays across her face. ‘The weapon is not safe. The forces of good strongly wish to have it destroyed. To make matters worse, the sword is emanating hate that can be felt by powerful beings, both good and evil, across all planes of existence. As it stands right now, I wouldn’t be surprised if the forces of good are converging to have the sword destroyed and the forces of evil are conniving to take the sword for themselves. It is only a matter of time before they locate the sword and come for it themselves. I have been studying the tome while you were gone. The tome describes a way to [mask the sword’s presence].’

You say, “Mask the sword’s presence.”

Sienn Kastane says, “In the Plane of Nightmare, there dwells a banshee known as the Wailing Sister. In her possession is a rune of great power. The sword’s hatred has awoken from a deep slumber. The rune however is only part of what will be needed to help mask’s the sword’s hatred. The rune is inactive until combined with the Wailing Sister’s blood. Recover the rune and a sample of her blood and return them to me.”

Hail, The Wailing Sister.
The Wailing Sister wails loudly in agony!

Shes pretty easy for one elemental group, 920 max hit, and has an ae, Cloud of Fear. One time level group could probally do it without healers if they disced.

You have looted Wailing Rune.
You have looted Wailing Sister’s Blood.

Sienn Kastane purs the blood on the rune. The rune begins to glowa bright red color and a horrifying wail fills your ears. ‘The runes has been activated.’ Sienn holds the rune against the sheath you created earlier. The rune instantaneously melts into the sheath. ‘The sword is safe for now, but I think it should be moved just in case. Do not lose the sheathed sword. If you do lose it somehow, come back to me and tell me you lost it and I will attempt to make you another one. I only have enough left of the items you brought me to make you one more though. Now, take the sword to a servant of mine, named Gilina Yilzior, here in the Plane of Knowledge. She is very knowledgeable and should be able to help you further.
You receive the Sheathed Innoruuk’s Voice.

Gilina Yilzior looks at you with a cold stare. ‘The time has come. I have heard the dark blade’s whispers. It wants to find a master, but before that can become a reality, a test must be passed. There are four other shadowknights who wish to become the sword’s wielder. If you are up for the challenge, then seek out Silithis Sisnta in the Timorous Deep, Gubblegrot Smashfist in the Ocean of Tears, Skurza Slicekutt in the Swamp of No Hope, and Giligattabus Igglebix in Iceclad. Return their heads to me and we shall see if the sword is satisfied with your progress.

Ok, now its just time for a little manhunt. A little general information on them, is that they all quad for 1170 max, harmtouch, and cast SK spells. One group was fine, but bring a tracker, because not only do the zones fucking suck, they are hidden pretty damned well. To activate each one, simply “Hail” them. They are immune to attacks before the flagged SK hails.

Silithis Sisnta is an iksar, unsnareable, summons, and has an ae dot, which I neglected to get the name of, and RC3 does not cure.
You have looted Silithis’ Head.

Gubblegrot Smashfist is an ogre, unsnareable, procs a small lifetap frequently.
You have looted Gubblegrot’s Head.

Skurza Slickutt is a troll, unsnareable, summons, and procs Deadly Lifetap. (Traks proc, 1500 LT)
You have looted Skurza’s Head.

Giligattabus Igglebix is a gnome, doesn’t summon, snares easily, probably soloable. Hah, fuck gnomes.
You have looted Giligattabus’ Head.

Gilina Yilzior says, ‘I can sense that the sword is pleased with your progress. However there is another task it wishes you to perform. I have learned through a contact of mine, that there is to be a ceremony in Kithicor Woods. Several paladins will be converging there to try to cleanse the undead from the forest, once and for all. The blade thirsts for the blood of these paladins. Before the blade will allow you to become it’s champion, you must kill as many of these paladins as you can, and bring me three samples of their blood. Take the Sheathed Innoruuk’s Voice back and when you have three samples of paladin’s blood, hand them to me along with the Sheathed Innoruuk’s Voice so that I may perform the ceremony to sate the blade’s thirst. Go now and find my contact in Kithicor. His name is Tarnamil. Take the sword back for safe keeping.’

You receive Sheathed Innoruuk’s Voice.

Tarnamil is a green con skeleton in Kithicor.

You say, “Hail, Tarnamil.”

Tarnamil says, ‘The paladins are coming from the west, my lord. The come to destroy the dead that walk at night. Already, the undead generals plot their demise, but they are powerful. They approach soon. I am getting out of here.’

At this point, 6 paladins spawn to the west of you, buff a little, and walk towards Tarnamils spawn, and sit down in a ring. I pet pulled three, they all dropped blood for my single party, and we gated back to PoK. Max hit somewhere in the 800s, and I didn’t take any names.

You have looted Sample of Paladin’s Blood.
You have looted Sample of Paladin’s Blood.
You have looted Sample of Paladin’s Blood.

Gilina Yilzior says, ‘Well done.’ Gilina takes the blood samples starts to pour them onto the blade of Innoruuk’s Voice. The blade appears to become super-heated as the blood drops trickle down its surface. A thick black smoke begins to waft from the blade. ‘The blade is now complete. Before I give the blade to you there is something else you must do. A mighty templar named, Sir Elmonious Falmont has heard of your crimes against the paladins and seeks revenge. It is important that we let none get in the way of our goals. As we speak, he is making his way from the Western Wastes in the continent of Velious to kill us. Destroy him and return his holy symbol to me.”

You can find this human paladin northwest from the WW zone in. You must hail him to activate. Bring friends with you, as he quads for 2526 max, casts an AE for 2khp/1kmana, and does a single target 2 second stun. AE is every minute at -175 prismatic check, stun is every 30sec unresistable. He also single target rampages.

You say, “Hail, Sir Elmonious Falmont.”
Sir Elmonious Falmont says, ‘I knew you would come. You will soon learn that evil does not pay!’
You have looted Sir Falmont’s Holy Symbol.

Gilina Yilzior says, ‘You have permormed well. The blade is yours to wield now, champion. You may be on your way, or stay to hear about a [vision] I recently had.’

You receive Innoruuk’s Voice.
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