It would be nice...

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It would be nice...

Postby Azzenkar Emberune » Fri Sep 03, 2004 1:03 pm

Well now that we get Quick Damage AA IMO would be nice if we could get a decent friggin heal that doesnt take forever to cast and refresh. For a class that at least 50% of its damage output comes from a pet, our heals just plain suxxors. Things about the mage class I love: Pets are awesome, with a cleric casually healing pet in BOT my focused air pet tanked to a standstill a Kreiger, while the rest of us handled a named. Our fairly new line of pet rune is wonderful, coupled with the pet conversion line for mana regen we actually get decent mana back(even if we cant pet canni)(now if we could only get the ranjas to stop whining for mod rods :razz ) But the key here is I had to have someone else do the healing because it takes close to 30-50 seconds between casts for a single bub of healing. Most mobs eat thru way more than that in that time frame. SOE hear my plea please do something to help us keep the pets standing they are after all our only line of defense.

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Postby bill » Tue Sep 07, 2004 4:25 pm

Getting the Ring of the Silver Dragon is the only way I have found to help us in the healing department. If yuo are lucky enough to have a VP key atm ;/
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