WRU throwing mastery/FU Zerkers

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WRU throwing mastery/FU Zerkers

Postby Wazilla » Wed Aug 25, 2004 8:42 am


OoW introduces throwing mastery to berserkers because well gee golly they just needed it to go along with their summoned axes of doom... where as rogues natural crit is of the throwing variety... wru throwing mastery!? another thing i would like to see is rangers flaming zerkers for being better ranged DPS in OoW (rangers get no bow related AA i dont think... and their epic is a sword OF COURSE) ive had to listen to Khazar rant about it a bit and it seems justified

*Ranja AA example* OO OOo bank aa for this one! its a chance to take less dmg from a DS when attacking with you offhand weapon!
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Postby Serano » Wed Aug 25, 2004 9:26 am

Fletching mastery? $$$

Fail return? $$$

yah - would be nice to see rogues and zerkers get an endless throw type aa to go along with the throwing mastery. Except for always having to die to the AOE by standing up against the bosses back - the Rogues should have an AA into Backstab thing and an AA that gives rogues a specialavoid AOE effects. Cause Roguesjust always die on boss mobs cause the healing goes to the tanks and the healers. Rangers and wigglers stand OOR.
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Postby Velnarin » Mon Aug 30, 2004 6:39 pm

Actually I posted something very similar to this rant on the official Rogue class boards at eqlive. More or less it was ignored; It's the community reprisentatives jobs to make rants known and however indirect they may have been I got the hint that they thought rogues utility and BS DPS more than makes up for the lack of emphasis on throwing weapons. Mreh.

While I can somewhat see the point, the fact I don't own LDoN makes my rogue's utility jack crap. I sat in Befallen for an hour raising Lockpick.... for what? Due to my computer's.... shortcomings... I don't get around much, but in two years I've found perhaps two zones where I could even use that skill. Rangers on the other hand can heal somewhat, snare, DoT, use Druid utility buffs, kick ass with range weapons and aren't terrible melee dps.

Rogues? Can invis to almost all creatures from the very beginning for a speed decrease, can poke arses masterfully, can disarm traps (Only disarmable trap I have Ever seen is in CoM but the one in Velketor's Labyrinth may be... not sure), can pick locks (found two locks oh woot), can steal generally worthless crap from mobs and can achieve almost-spell-effect quality debuffs once per battle for more time and money than I care to relate.

Even? Perhaps. Would an alternate form of DPS actually Harm any balance? I think not unless throwing weapons could actually undisputably outdamage a dagger.

Though I don't normally bash SoE on anything I realize unless a desire of the community is going to make them stop paying or bitch more loudly than they want the public to hear they won't ever change class-specific issues. This makes me sad.

On closing I'm not particularly angry about this, it's more of a gripe. Shurikens are as much a part of an assassin as his daggers the way I see it but considering the damage/delay ratio of all existing rogue-usable throwing weapons is pathetic and that's even more unlikely to change, I Highly doubt that the addition of any amount of throwing weapon AAs will make this proposed change more than a roleplaying/realism trait granted. That alone is both why I believe it should be granted and why it will not be granted.
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