Warrior Groupable Augmentations

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Warrior Groupable Augmentations

Postby aarruin » Sat Jan 30, 2010 10:42 am

Augmentations - Warrior
Type 7/8
AC:35 HP: 60 White Dragon Scale Old Man McKenzie/PoK
AC:35 HP: 50 Geartop Gear Geartop(85)/MMM
AC:35 HP: 00 Charged Alloy Bolt Station Attendant Sparkbolt(85)/The Steam Factory
AC:35 HP: 00 Curator's Treasure Random/CoD,Kora,OBF
AC:35 HP: 00 Prismatic Gemstone a captive elemental(79),a contained elemental(79),a trapped elemental(79)/Crystallos
AC:32 HP: 75 Bayle's Heraldic Crest Quest/SOD
AC:32 HP: 70 Red Dragon Scale Old Man McKenzie/PoK
AC:30 HP: 90 Ksathrax's Amber Random/CoD,Kora,OBF
AC:30 HP: 80 Drop of Dread Grellik, Master of Torments(86)/Kaesora Library
AC:30 HP: 75 Fragment of Heavy Steamwork Plating Random/MG
AC:30 HP: 70 Timeworn Bone Shard Library Director Eslisar(86)/Kaesora Library
AC:30 HP: 60 Crest of the Scarlet Legions Argil Oppressor(80)/Ashengate
AC:30 HP: 50 Sphere of Purest Ice Old Man McKenzie/PoK
AC:30 HP: 50 Warleader's Pearl Minotaur Warleader(84)/Gyrospire Beza
AC:30 HP:35 Polished Moonstone Old Man McKenzie/PoK (14 Brews his cheapest one)
AC:30 HP: 30 Illsalin Enforcer Medal The Last Migration/Undershore
AC:30 HP: 30 Forged Frosteele Ingot Rallosian Acolyte Aemon(78)/Frostcrypt
AC:30 HP: 00 Coleoptera Mechanical Beetle Eye Coleoptera Assault Sweeper(82)/MG
AC:30 HP: 00 Jewel of the Stalwart Royal Cryptguard Zerakt(81)/Valdeholm
AC:30 HP: 00 Blessed Shard Primal Arachnid(70),Primal Insect(70),Primal Reptile(70)/Yxtta
AC:28 HP:100Black Dragon Scale Old Man McKenzie/PoK
AC:25 HP:155Model XLII Spatial Temporal Oculus Quest/SOF
AC:25 HP:155Dark Soul Crystal Quest/SOD
AC:25 HP:140Crystal Dragon Scale Old Man McKenzie/PoK
AC:25 HP:140Gold Dragon Scale Old Man McKenzie/PoK
AC:25 HP:130Silver Dragon Scale Old Man McKenzie/PoK
AC:25 HP:100Bonegrinder's Bauble an ancient bonegrinder(85)/FoS
AC:25 HP: 90 Feral Eye Jracsza the Feral(85)/FoS
AC:25 HP: 40 Polished Caracite Dungore(71),Captain of the Leafguard(79)/DSH
AC:25 HP: 25 Shard of the Guardian Shadowy Student(73)/Dreadspire Keep
AC:25 HP: 25 Stonewarden Alex Hutchison(73)/Dreadspire Keep
AC:25 HP: 00 Pallorax's Frozen Flame Random/CoD,Kora,OBF
AC:25 HP: 00 Starlight Crystal Random/Valdeholm
AC:25 HP: 00 Flameshield Stone Pyrilen Riftseeker (75)/RSS
AC:25 HP: 00 Kerafym's Blessed Shard Random/Crystallos
AC:20 HP:140Magma Lacquer Raid/Ashengate
AC:20 HP:135Blood of the Fallen Quest/SOD
AC:20 HP: 65 Imperial Shell Eazack the Cruel(88)/Kaesora Hatchery
AC:15 HP:135Jonas Dagmire's Skeletal Hand Quest/TBS

Type 13/14
Purity:25 Purity Purified Flawless Faycite Triad Quest/LP
Purity:25 Brilliantly Pulsating Chronal Shear Random/CoD,Kora,OBF
Purity:20 Brightly Pulsating Chronal Shear Random/CoD,Kora,OBF,Warrens,RC,Tosk
Purity:15 Pulsating Chronal Shear Random/CoD,Kora,OBF,Warrens,RC,Tosk
Purity:10 Dimly Pulsating Chronal Shear Random/Warrens,RC,Tosk
Purity: 5 Faintly Pulsating Chronal Shear Random/Warrens,RC,Tosk

Type 15
AC:40 HP:350 Emblem of Scale FoS/Tynoc, Herald of Scale 11550pp

Type 3
Tempus Faycite Shard: Jeer Decrease Reuse Timer by 1.50 Seconds/Silla Herald/Bloody Kith
Tempus Faycite Shard: Knuckle Crush Decrease Reuse Timer by 6.0 Seconds/Tynoc, Herald of Scale 12600pp/FoS
Tempus Faycite Shard: Maelstrom Blade Decrease Reuse Timer by 2.25 Seconds/Cirtan, Bayle`s Herald/OGH
Tempus Faycite Shard: Fourth Wind Decrease Reuse Timer by 108.00 Seconds/Herald of Druzzil Ro/Kora
Glowing Struck Quartzite Kick +14/Zebuxoruk 165 Chronobines/Void G
Glowing Contuse Quartzite Bash +14/Zebuxoruk 165 Chronobines/Void G
Icy Prism of Avoidance Dodge +8%/Gizula,Kipler Steffeal 760 Adventure Points/Everfrost
Slayer's Bauble Dodge +8%/Corrigan Hawthorne 1140 Discord Points/Baz
Eternal Ice of Avoidance Dodge +5%/Gizula,Kipler Steffeal 150 Adventure Points/Everfrost
Flowkeeper's Gem of Replenishment HP Regen +10/LDON Raid
Enchanted Stone of Burning Rage HP Regen +5 Damage Shield +5/LDoN Raid: Deepest Guk: Ritualist of Hate
Jeweled Sentinel's Broken Aura Attack +30 HP Regen +3/LDoN Raid: Miragul's Menagerie: Synarcana
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