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Druid Debuffs

PostPosted: Sat Oct 31, 2009 3:02 pm
by Ceruis
Info stolen from The Spirit Realm. It important that we get these Raid Bosses debuffed. All these stack with each other.

Hand of Ro - Decrease Fire Resist by 72, Decrease ATK by 100, Decrease AC by 15
Coldwhisper Breath Rk. II - Increase Incoming Spell Damage by 9%, Decrease Cold Resist by 72, Decrease AC by 51
Blanched Frost Rk. II - Decrease ATK by 136, Decrease AC by 36 (Reason I want this one done third is because it has a high resist chance unless Coldwhisper Breath is on the mob, Focus of Arcanum AA however helps in landing it)
Fixation of Ro -Decrease ATK by 51 (L42) to 72 (L85), Decrease AC by 15 (L42) to 21 (L85)
Skin to Flora Rk. II - Increase Incoming Spell Damage by 9% (Fire spells)
Withering Sunray Rk. II - Decrease Hitpoints by 379 (L81) to 387 (L85) per tick, Decrease Fire Resist by 53, Decrease AC by 66


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PostPosted: Sun Nov 01, 2009 7:58 am
by Goofydoofy
What are you, new?

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 13, 2009 2:37 pm
by Magimay
I used to debuff in the olden days. Now with minimal clerics in raid, I find I spend every moment healing. To even cast 1 debuff might mean the loss of the MT. I agree however that it is an important role. Maybe we could assign 1 druid to do all the deuffing on those rare nights when we have enough healers.

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 13, 2009 4:11 pm
by Ceruis
Then that something the druids need to work out amongst ya'll self. The regular I see are Anokin, Magimay, and Hermues all at 85. If all three druids are spamming heals at the start of the fight on the MT then we are screwed anyways. The only way we are going to get better is to figure out these types of things. Here the spells that were thrown by druids on the Rottrued fight that my parse caught (I was in melee range so might not of caught maxed distance spell casting).

Anokin (Box):
19x Adrenalin burst Rk II
2x Blanched Frost
7x Granvida Rk II
1x Harvesting Inferno
1x Nature's Searing Wrath Rk II
2x Summer Solstice Rk II

Deriane (Box):
5x Adrenaline Burst Rk II
17x Granvida Rk II
1x Nature's Blight
1x Promised Reknit Rk II

8x Adrenaline Bust Rk II
13x Chlorotrope
1x Covergence of Spirits
1x Lunulation Rk II
1x Nature's Blazing Wrath Rk II
12x Purvida Rk II

No 2.0 clicks (25% spell dmg at 80, 0% at 85). That something else that I see as big because a lot of us use between 80-85 spells so there will be a significant benefit if caster pounds. Some where in there is time to get that full debuff landed. We just need to figure it out if we are going to progess.

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 13, 2009 5:33 pm
by Bateow
Magimay wrote:Maybe we could assign 1 druid to do all the deuffing on those rare nights when we have enough healers.

Could say the same thing about shaman... assign one shaman to slowing if you have enough healers on? Mob debuffs = lower atk, lower resists, lower ac. These translate to lower mob dps, shorter fights, higher guild dps, etc..

Re: Druid Debuffs

PostPosted: Fri Nov 13, 2009 5:35 pm
by cliffy
Ceruis wrote:1x Nature's Blight

No 2.0 clicks

This is the 1.5 click, if you don't have it equipped anyway its pretty much a waste of time to bandoleer just for the click. Not having Hand of Ro or Coldwhisper breath on the mob really hurts caster DPS with resists and makes it harder to land the other attack debuffs. If there are 3 druids showing up to raids on a consistent basis they should be splitting up the debuffs to allow more use of spell gems. One druid take Hand of Ro and Fixation of Ro, another (preferably the one with the highest ranks) takes Coldwhisper and Blanched, and the last maintains Withering sunray and Skin to Flora. That allows every druid to keep up Granvida, Adrenaline Burst, Lunulation, Survival of the Felicitous, and 4 other spells. Substitute Sun's Corona for Blanched Frost on fights that cold stuff wont land and make sure to hit Focus of Arcanum before you try to debuff. If you have an item with Brilliance of Ro on it you can equip that while debuffing to help with resists as well. Make sure that Hand of Ro is the first fire debuff cast and Coldwhisper is the first cold, they both have much larger resist mods and lower the corresponding resist to make subsequent debuffs easier to land. After those are done, depending on Cleric turnout, white wolf+second spire and spam heal or black wolf and first spire and nuke, twincast with an SOD T5 BP click during global refresh will get more nukes in during twincast.

Re: Druid Debuffs

PostPosted: Tue Nov 24, 2009 2:06 am
by Stonecrush