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Tanking 101 according to Robag

PostPosted: Fri Aug 14, 2009 4:11 pm
by ThinkInk
I’ve posted something similar in the past but was unable to spend a great deal of time searching for it in Forum History.

So for those that requested it, and also for those that didn’t, here is Tanking 101 according to Robag:

Wether I am pulling the MoB, or it’s being brought to me this is the sequence of actions I employ:

1. Cast Jeer Rk. II – Level 85 Combat Skill
(You can also use Bazu Bluster – Level 81 Combat Skill or Blast of Anger – Level 81 AA but they aren't quite as effective)
2. Cast Maelstrom Blade Rk. II – Level 84 Combat Skill
3. Engage Fortitude – Level 59 Combat Skill just prior, or following, the first physical hit.
4. Engage Defensive – Level 55 Combat Skill as soon as Fortitude timer expires.

If other tanks are not available, got killed out of turn, or anything else happened and I must keep tanking I’ll use the following:

1. Armor of Timeworn Runes Rk. II – Level 81 Combat Skill
2. Third Spire of the Warlord – Level 85 Class AA
3. When Armor timer expires – Warlord’s Bravery Level 83 Class AA
4. And finally Hold the Line – Level 76 Class AA

By this time either another tank is ready to jump in or my defensive is up again. This list takes it for granted that we have our best healers available to keep my sorry arse healed.

My preferred tanking weapons are my 2.0 Epic (High AC) and a Shield.
Maxing Shield Block – Level 79 Class AA is mandatory for all Warriors wanting to be MT.
During tanking, or while grouped with another tank who’s the MT, my Epic clicky is running whenever it’s available. My Champion’s Aura and my Commanding Voice – Level 68 Combat Skill run all the time.

My preferred buff set-up is:

Cleric – Dariana + Devout
Druid – Blessing of Heartwood
Shaman – Unity
Beastlord – Spiritual Verve
Enchanter – Haste

Anything else you use is just gravy!

The following is a list of AAs that I think are critical if you want to be an effective raid tank. The ones I would max out first are marked with a (*):


Combat Agility (*)
Combat Stability (*)
General Sturdiness (*)
Innate Dexterity (*)
Innate Stamina (*)
Natural Durability (*)
Planar Power (*)


Armor of Experience (*)
Burst of Power
Combat Fury
Double Riposte
Hardy Endurance (*)
Weapon Affinity


Area Taunt (*)
Blast of Anger
Call of Challenge
Dauntless Perseverance
All Fundamentals (*)
Gut Punch
Hastened Fortitude (*)
Hastened Instigation (*)
Hold the Line (*)
Physical Enhancement (*)
Planar Durability (*)
Shield Block (*)
Press the Attack
Stalwart Endurance (*)
Sturdiness (*)
Tactical Mastery
Veteran’s Wrath
Warlord’s Bravery (*)
Warlord’s Return Kick (*) – Will make you immune to Rampage. Wild Rampage will still hurt you.

Please be aware that a lot of these AAs and Abilities require that you are over level 80 and some are only available at level 85.

If anyone would like further explanation as to why I use a particular Skill or AA please ask and I will gladly answer.

I welcome all comments/criticisms but no headbashing the Headbasher!

Re: Tanking 101 according to Robag

PostPosted: Fri Aug 14, 2009 5:07 pm
by Ceruis
Might consider getting this sticky up top along with a few other ones like Velnarin wizzy guide so they are easier to find.


Re: Tanking 101 according to Robag

PostPosted: Fri Aug 14, 2009 5:21 pm
by fyrebrand