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Necros and SoF

PostPosted: Mon Nov 12, 2007 2:11 pm
by Horcrux
Shamelessly stealing this from Necro board. Some nice stuff in there. I'm LOVING the idea of increased crit damage, not to mention 9% higher chance to crit, yay! That should bring me over 50% chance to crit lol.

My take on our class:

The good stuff:
3 more ranks of Blood Tithe (1% per rank DoT critical)
3 more ranks of Greater Blood Tithe (2% per rank DoT Critical)
3 more ranks of Theft of Life (2% per rank exceptionals)

The awesome stuff:
3 ranks of Destructive Cascade (7%/15%/25% crit dmg increase for DoT)
1 rank of Death Peace (0.5sec cast time)
Did I mention 3 more ranks of Blood Tithe and Greater Blood Tithe?

The nice to have stuff:
3 more ranks of Fury of Magic (1% per rank nuke crits)
3 ranks of Shield Block (blocks 4.5% of melee hits)
3 more ranks of Mastery of the Past
3 ranks of Spell Casting Reinforcement (30% beneficial duration)
Pet haste got +STR added & duration extended dramatically
-spells in general are decent upgrades for the most part, look for yourself on lucy
-3 more ranks of Army of the Dead (nearly 250dps) -still needs corpses though
-also, in case I forget: 3 more ranks of blood tithe & greater blood tithe.

The bad stuff:
Lich still has forced illusion & provides 20ish less mana/tick than we need

The really lame stuff:
-Lots of Pet AA pushed to us & we had no input.
-Swarm of Decay got 3 more ranks, but can't break 100dps on light blue mobs, and did not get recast delay time shaved off.
-Both pets are a pretty significant upgrade though still are too fragile & contribute little in the grand scheme of things.

Now somebody else spew forth some info