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For Dk - Stuff about memblur/EF/charisma

PostPosted: Fri Aug 31, 2007 2:22 pm
by Jaella
Stolen from The Runes - a bit of confirmation on something I suspected about charisma and memblur:

Unmei wrote:So I had the good fortune to dig a little bit of information out of Nodyin regarding Memblur spells and Enhanced Forgetfulness. I'm going to share what's allowed:

EF5 is a 50% increase in chance to blur. (I assume 10% per rank.)
Charisma has a significant impact on chance to blur, and has effect at least as high as 300.
There is a level test involved somewhere too.

The simple upshot is that using a halfway decent memblur spell, if you have EF5 and good charisma, you can hit a 100% chance to blur.

This might also explain why people are seeing failures in Demi, if they have been charisma debuffed by the AoE.


PostPosted: Fri Aug 31, 2007 5:12 pm
by Bearmerfudd
this is very nice to know...


PostPosted: Fri Aug 31, 2007 6:05 pm
by dkofklove
sweet chr maxed ef5 done sigh and have to say meblur vey very very rarley fails. but question does the enhancment to it effect the memblur's from mezz?