wizard ooc regen

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wizard ooc regen

Postby Antok » Sun Apr 01, 2007 4:20 pm

harvest and gift of mana can be safely ignored because they are the same in both scenarios.

scenario 1, person has 116 non-ooc mana regen. mobs enter camp continuously, person is never ooc. DPM ratio is 12.6. person has a 13k manapool, and nukes every mob at a sustainable rate.

person regens 1160 mana a second, and does can sustainably do 14616 damage a minute, or 243 damage a second.

scenario 2, person has 116 non-ooc mana regen and 516 in ooc mana regen. person has a 13k manapool and dumps all of their mana, then oocs to full, and so forth. Person takes 90 seconds (15 ticks) to dump all of their mana, 24 seconds (5 ticks) to reach ooc, and 3 minutes (30 ticks) to regen it back to 100% once in ooc. burst nukes are less efficient than some other nukes, so assume 10 dpm.

in the first 15 ticks, they regen 116 mana a second for 1740 mana total, which they immediately put back in to nuking before they ooc, making their effective manapool 14740. in the next 5 ticks, 116 mana a second for 580 mana total. in the next 24 ticks, 516 a second for 12480 (FM) total.

person regens an average of (((20*116)+(24*516))/44) mana a tick, or 334 mana a tick. that translates in to 3340 damage sustainably every tick, 33400 a minute, or 556 sustained DPS.
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Wow, that's a lot of numbers

Postby Orsiris » Sun Jul 29, 2007 7:30 pm

Without doing the math, the only things i see missing here are Aggro and Cast times. Is said wizzy kiting? stopping, pivoting and casting? Is it uber aggro tank like Jum? where he can stand their and unload much faster? What about resists?

From what i have seen my dps can vary quite a bit based on factors that have are not outlined here. If we are just talking about a potential situation then maybe we should measure it against EQreality sometime.

The only time i have been parsed specifically, and as far as i know parsing casters is difficult but i really don't know a damn thing about it, i was coming in at 300ish one mob then over 800 on another mob.

What do you think? how can we clock the wizzy?
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Postby cliffy » Sun Jul 29, 2007 11:31 pm

Druids and bards can also affect Wizzy DPS quite a bit. Just a couple more factors to take into account when figuring all of this out.
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