Beastlords and Rangers DPS (bard enhanced)

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Beastlords and Rangers DPS (bard enhanced)

Postby Horcrux » Mon Oct 23, 2006 5:05 pm

I don't want anyone thinking I'm stepping out and saying "this is how you should play your class!" But, with the inclusion of some new TSS songs to my arsenal of utilities, I've been looking into the DPS capabilities of some other classes. And I just have some suggestions for some additional DPS if some havent tried utilizing certain things (and if you are grouped with me or any other bard, using the following will make the most use of our songs) First I looked into BLs and Rangers, since I gained amazing utility songs to assist them in TSS.


Direct Damage Ice Based Nukes (correct me if I'm wrong, but under the assumption that casting one greys out all others in the line)

For Spiked Sleet (TSS Ice Nuke)
Base DMG 1135
Base DPS 37.21
Bard Enhanced DMG 2136
Bard Enhanced DPS 70.03
Bards enhance the DPS of Spiked Sleet by 88%. Keeping this greyed out without a bard is an additional 37.21 DPS, and with a bard is 70.03 DPS.

For Glacial Spear (OOW Ice Nuke)
Base DMG 958
Base DPS 33.9
Bard Enhanced DMG 1905
Bard Enhanced DPS 62.45
Bards enhance the DPS of Glacial Spear by 84%. Again, keeping this greyed out (if dont have Spiked Sleet yet) adds 33.9 DPS, and 62.45 DPS with a bard.

Damage Over Time (I'm under the assumption that Poison and Disease based DoTs stack, correct me if I'm wrong)

Fever Spike (TSS Disease DoT)
Base DMG/Tick 196
Base DPS 32.66
Bard Enhanced DMG/Tick 255
Bard Enhanced DPS 42.5

Diregriffon's Bite (TSS Poison DoT)
Base DMG/Tick 275
Base DPS 45.83
Bard Enhanced DMG/Tick 358
Bard Enhanced DPS 59.66

Stacking the Above 2
Base DMG/Tick 471
Base DPS 78.5
Bard Enhanced DMG/Tick 612
Bard Enhanced DPS 102.05

Summary on Beastlords:
Considering a level 75 Beastlord (not taking into consideration resists, criticals, and any outside Foci). Chain casting the Ice Based DD as well as keeping the Poison and Disease based DoTs stacked yields a total of 115.7 DPS without a bard, and 172.08 DPS with a bard. This is on top of melee DPS, and can be utilized without impacting Melee DPS.


Fire and Ice Based Nukes (Correct me if I'm wrong, but casting an Ice based will not grey out a Fire, and vice versa)

Volcanic Ash (TSS Fire Nuke)
Base DMG 1053
Base DPS 34.52
Bard Enhanced DMG 1789
Bard Enhanced DPS 58.65

Icefalls Chill (TSS Ice Nuke)
Base DMG 1195
Base DPS 39.18
Bard Enhanced DMG 1974
Bard Enhanced DPS 64.72

Summary on Rangers:
Considering a level 75 Ranger (again, having no resists, criticals, and outside Foci). Chain casting the above two nukes yields a total of 73.7 DPS without a bard, and 123.37 DPS with a bard. This is, again, on top of melee DPS and can be utilized without impacting melee DPS.

What am I trying to get at with this post? Bards are are utility classes. We are tools. If I am not used correctly, I will rebel. Normally I'll become bitchy in a group, but its so that the group is making full use of the abilities I am offering. My 30%Overhaste/30%Nuke/DoT Foci aura does nothing when people are outside its range. My 250 to all resist song does nothing when people are outside its range. My Fire and Cold Nuke DMG enhancing songs do nothing, when classes who have these spells are not utilizing them. I am very numbers oriented, and will do what I can to maximize others abilities. If someone is not utilizing my songs, I will ask the raid leader for someone else in group. Take my constructive criticism as what it is. There are various roles a bard can fill in a raid, and normally I will choose which is best for which situation. However, most the time it is enhancing DPS. I have done the necessary research, and played enough of various classes to understand what they are capable of. So in the end, use my songs that I offer or lose em. I take note of who utilizes me the most, and I choose them in my raid groups.
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