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Postby Serano » Mon Aug 21, 2006 1:10 pm

When I first got an Apple II+ in like 1981ish I wanted to play EQ.

Played D&D a few years in Jr High and that was cool - but in High school had a few peeps we tried a few role player games but we never made it much past one sitting per genre.

As games got better some of my favs were Wasteland, Gunship AH-64, Bard's Tale, Ultima series and Wolfenstein series - thru the 80s.

In college I actually was not running a computer really at all (my Apple IIe didn't really deserve to be turned on) from 89-93 and in 93 I bought my sisters 386 from her and mostly only used it for some homework. I did get That Fantasy Empires game I linked here before on some thread somewhere.

When I graduated college and got my job in the Army - I bought a new laptop and 4 games. (I think it was Ascendancy, a game called Z, command and conquer and um... worms? Afterlife?) anyways after basic school - We moved to Italy and I got Diablo. Played that online from there and thought that was great. About the time I moved from Italy to Germany Meridian ##(whatever the number was) and Ultima ONline came out. Kinda was interested in them - but didn't really know if they would work on the crappy comps I was running the same laptop from 95 and a P133 desktop I had bought second hand.

So I kept playing Diablo from time to time - and core games like Civ II and HOMM series.

When I finished Officer Advanced course and got established in NC I finnally got EQ. I was strugling to decide between Ultima and EQ as Ultima wasn't completly dead at the time and I was familiar with the Ultima lore from back in the 80s. Anyways I looked at both and heard tidings of discontent from Ultima but everything about EQ was that it was "owning." SO that is the one I bought.

I was using Free net access at the time thru Bluelight (Kmart free internet), Juno, some Esomething site and from netzero. It was rough playing EQ when I would get booted for time outs all the time crazy crazy crazy. Then I got broadband finnaly in the summer of 01 and still couldn't stay online with EQ very well comp would always freeze up. Turns out later I found out that there was a SPECIFIC conflict between an Athalono 750 series Processor and that Generation of Radeon card (the first Gen of Radeon before the 7500 and 8500s came out - I still use that card FLAWLESSly on Taniquels box which is a P3 650)

Finnaly got Gforce and eventually regular upgrades - but eq started smoking for me in the Fall/winter of 01.

I really knew from the start that EQ was the game I had waited 20 years to play. IT has satisfied my every interest in an online game and as one of the pioneers in GUI MMORPGs they simply nailed it. Since then there have been dozens of online games to which I have not tried any except for about an hour of EQ2 beta. Each new game that comes out has its own fan base and has its own unique reasons for drawing each differant crowd.

For some reason I don't even try them. I don't know if EQ is done right - or if it has any of the serious flaws that peeps whine about and I just don't notice. Sure there are bugs, quirks and could be done differantly. But the environment and overall game play is about how I envisioned it twenty years ago the first time I played breakout on a Apple ][+.

So meanwhile great games have come out like WOW, COH, D&D online, crazy other games that I would prolly have liked Anarchy Online, a host of odd Asian based online RPG games, Guild wars (which is far cheaper than EQ), eve, and who ever knows what ever games.

Anyone of them coulda been the one for me - and if I immersed in each of them I might find one that was better at what I wanted than EQ is. Maybe EQ2 is that game. Maybe Guild wars is - maybe D7D online maybe its DAOC. I really don't know - I never tried them.

I am pretty happy with EQ - and now at a time when I can only play maybe twice a week if I really work my schedule and lots of times I log on just to raid and have to log right off - it is unrealistic for me to pursue, find or play another game because if I did then I wouldn't be playing EQ.

So while I would even with its huge dislike by its own fanbase, like to play Star wars online, check out Second life, and see if WoW has anything for me, I prolly won't be for several years if ever. It is most likely I will be only playing EQ as my online game for years to come until it becomes either unplayable or it shuts down.

Hell when you consider my job - its a good thing that I joined TF when it was a 20s guild and have had a hand in shaping it the way we have made it. I would not be successful in many other guilds than TF. So what with my current job and the likelyhood that my future jobs I have in the next 5- 9 years Everquest is prolly the only online game I will be playing.

Sure I play other games - I still play ascendancy a 95 game, Freecell a game from what before computers but popularized when Windows 95 came out. I even have Doom 3 but havn't beat the hell level yet. But yah something about being a dad, Husband and Army officer makes it tough to playing very much online. That I was able to learn EQ at an interesting point in my life / career was cool. If I wasn't playing an online game before this assignment - I wouldn't even be able to consider them.

Oh yah - My family does play Toontown. It is an online action game. It is pretty fun and pretty easy - good game to play with my kids. But I don't play it a "LOT." but it is a good game - but not really "immersive."

What was the point of this post? I dont' really know.

See you in EQ randomly
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Postby deladriendil » Thu Aug 31, 2006 9:44 pm

A gaming history is important mate. it gives you some roots.

For me it started with the Dragonlance setting in the late 80s. I made a Ranger as my first character. go figure....

that didn't last long however as the man that ran the games was burned out. so I got to DM. holy crap. talk about taking imagination and turning it into a math problem... for AD&D atleast. that is how it was...

So we went to Ravenloft. because honestly, undead things and personal torture are things that need worked out and lived thru.

ran that for atleast 2 consecutive summers. then met some people that played Star Wars in high school. I hadn't even seen the original trilogy then. like 1994 or so.

So I made a hacker, since PCs were just up and coming. had a Deskmate which didn't even have a hard drive. you loaded it from 5 floppy disks. macintoshes were around. but F apple. ya know. (ignore the fact that I own an I-PoD).

star wars was intense. the guy that ran the game went the route of story over slaughter and it made for some seriously intense games. I had a character die on me and honestly, in real life, I was pissed, hurt, and I didn't play any rpgs for like 6 months after that. it was traumatizing.

so high school ends and I sell all of my books. thinking that this rpg thing was a growing phase and that its time to 'be an adult'. well that was a great idea until I met some people in college that played Forgotten Realms and I got sucked back in again.

since 1997. it has been forgotten realms, vampire the masquerade, shadowrun, marvel, dc, dragonball z, just about any rpg you can think of i have played or ran. then EQ came out.

and it looked like crap! some friends played it at launch and I just couldn't get past the graphics. it was just ugly. so i did what i do best. i ignored it.

then when jaggedpines was released for free. I dove into the eq world with a friend from work and we joined the merry band here at TF.

since then it has been just about every online game in the world. FFXI, EQ2, WoW, RFOnline, SWG, etc.

funny as it sounds it has placed me back the roots of everything as I am once again playing DnD. though now with the 3.5 edition rules online and in yet another new world called Eberron. and its online.

it lets the old rpg college group continue the good fight against zombies and evil casters called Lefty.

What was the point? I dunno.
But I am with ya Serano.

its all good.



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Postby bill » Fri Sep 01, 2006 12:54 pm

holy crap. talk about taking imagination and turning it into a math problem... for AD&D atleast. that is how it was...

The exact reason I haven't ran a game since 1999 or so. Good to hear from you tho man! sometime if you want to play a game with shitty graphics you know who to call ;)
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Postby Redeemed » Sat Sep 16, 2006 4:12 pm

Nibbles and that one game where you throw exploding bananas at the other =p classics

The 80's I had a macintosh II so games were not great. Upgraded to another mac in the late 80's and played the infamous Battle Chess by interplay I still love that game the mac version had better graphics than DOS btw..

Finally switched from the mac source to microsoft in the early 90's from there I played quake alot. One of the best games I played was a quake mod, I played it for yeaaaars... You should know it... Team Fortress :thumbup

I tried Ultima Online with no luck.

I was fortunate enough to be accepted for EQ beta from there instantly was hooked. Provided action style playing in a Role Playing game that wasn't point and click, was perfect.

Played a unpopulor mmorpg called the 4th coming. More of a build your own stats RPG not dependant class. Point and click but PvP was very fun.

Later Half life and Counterstrike mod

EQ2 tried it. Played with the wife even, but decided there was no real challenge.

WoW tried it for a few days wasn't my cup of tea

EQ still is the game provides a challenge and proves to be fun.

Although, I may check out Vanguard it does look interesting and being designed from the original EQ designers, but rumors that sony has or is in the process of buying sponsorship.

Oh any one want some Team Fortress memorries brought back?

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