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EQ2 CE vs. WoW CE

PostPosted: Thu Nov 25, 2004 4:51 am
by deladriendil
Didn't really want to put this in Open Chat. But it really doesn't belong here either. /shrug

Collectors Edition.

I ended up get the EQ2 and the WoW CEs. The WoW CE owns EQ2. The cloth map is actually readable for one. the artbook is a full sized hardback book. comes with bonus DVD. the ingame benefits from the EQ2 CE owns WoW but only for someone that is going to be able to afford a private home (5sp a week). If you are casual and not making alot of cash (at first) then all of the toys from the eq2 CE are going to rot in your bank once u /claim them. Though if u pre-ordered and got the J-Boots that is definately the best ingame bonus for your buck.

Why did I get them both? Well you can blame Pens for that. Everyone from the Pittsburgh node are in WoW excepting Nistari, Sameil and Deo. On the Durotan server. If people want character names just PM me. So far only Sam and myself are in EQ2, and that may or may not last for long. It will depend on some factors. But right now I am having alot more fun in WoW than in EQ2.

Where does EQ1 fit into all of this? it really doesn't, not right now atleast. So if u see me online, someone has haxxored my account or something.