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Release Date

PostPosted: Mon Oct 25, 2004 11:13 am
by Guardrail

PostPosted: Mon Oct 25, 2004 11:46 am
by fendeesha
Boy, that article almost makes me want to get EQII...

PostPosted: Mon Oct 25, 2004 12:00 pm
by Bilnick
* Incentives for current EverQuest subscribers

I am curious as to what the incentive to EQ1 subscribers is.

Originally EQ2 was listed as a game on the all access pass, it is not there anymore. Fifteen dollars a month seems kind of steep considering I am only paying $8.35 a month for EQ now (I signed up for the year for $100 during the 5th anniversary). Hopefully EQ2 will have a deal where you can get discounted rates for buying multiple months at a time.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 25, 2004 12:25 pm
by Calthine Faeriesong
I can't find where in the EQ2 Forums I read this, but EQ2 will be included in the all-station pass. It was listed, but they removed it because it's not available yet. False advertising or something. (I suppose no one thought to add "upon release" after "Everquest 2", ir perhaps they will change the price of tha all-access pass).

PostPosted: Tue Oct 26, 2004 12:42 am
by deladriendil
aye it will be in the all station pass. the pass will cost current eq subscribers an extra 4.95 a month (ontop of the eq subscription fee).

release date is november 8th for those that don't want to follow the link.