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People who have tried EQ2, what do you think?

PostPosted: Mon Oct 18, 2004 10:17 am
by Bilnick
Well since the NDA is lifted for EQ2 beta, what do the people who have played it think?

Dela? Guard? Other beta testers?

Is it ready for release?
How are the graphics?
Is it fun?
Is it set up for a casual or hardcore gamer, or is there content for both (like EQ1)?
Is it better than EQ1? Why or why not?

I have read some of the stuff on the VCC, but alot of the people there seem to be WoW fan boys, and bash EQ/Sony any chance they get. A couple of posts have been thoughtful, and well written, but then are immediately bashed as being too long etc.

I havent received a beta invite yet, so any insight would be nice.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 18, 2004 12:06 pm
by Serano
I remember VCC was pretty useful a couple years ago. I think it has really become useless anymore and don't think enough people from the vazaelle community bother to go their anymore which ultimatly has led to a break down in any vazaelle community outside of guilds.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 18, 2004 12:13 pm
by Guardrail
First, I was extremley impressed just by the pure size and of course the look of the game. Currently, i have a level 15 Predator, and Morty has been working a level 15 druid on the same account.

I've had a blast playing so far, I miss duoing or being able to group with Morty but have done it with a few times with pickup people. To date, i have run into little pure bugs but there are a few. One of the biggest issues they are dealing with right now is the lag in the post lvl 10 newbie zones, Antonica and Commonlands. Although i have not been to the commonlands, i understand it is just as big as Antonica. My guess Antonica is probably 2 to 3 times bigger than DL in EQ Live. There are typically 250+ people in Antonica at any given time and can really reap havoc on having abilitites or spells going off. I must say thouh they have made huge fixes in the short time we've been on. Although it has not been stated, my gut feeling says they may have to instance that zone and limit it to a certain number of people. If they do, its no biggie, i personally would be all for it.

Is it ready for release? That depends on who you ask, in reading the Beta boards its hard to sort through the pure whiners and legitimate issues. IMHO i would say it is very close. Will it release with issues, you know it. BUT.. so will any major game that is of this magnitude. Will Morty and I jump right away... you bet we will. Bugs or no bugs I want to be apart of the experience from the beginning.

The graphics are everything that you've heard or is just a beautiful game and they did a great job with it. Which leads me to hardware. I am currently running a 2.8Ghz CPU, 1.0GB RAM and a 256MB fx5700 video card and the game runs great. I have the setting tweaked with in the game for a great balance. I would recommend that anyone runing 512MB ram upgrade to a gig. It will make a huge difference in performance so your not accessing your HD as often.

I would definatley say its setup for the casual player, but it definatley leans towards encouraging grouping, not to say that you cant solo but it is less rewarding then grouping. Unlike WoW, where you can solo just as efficiently as you can group and what ive heard WoW is really for the type of people that need instant gratification.

For those that are considering the transition or are coming to EQ2..please, please, please keep in mind that this is not EQ1. If you try to compare the two, you may very well be disappointed. EQ2 really is a different game and things are done differently and i would say all for the good. Things like KSing will not happen, trains do not happen.

I've really enjoyed my time so far, but i really am slowing down now as i only want to get so far into the game prior to its release, so Morty and I can explore together.

I think i covered your questions but if you have any specific questions just post them.


PostPosted: Mon Oct 18, 2004 10:34 pm
by deladriendil
I have a level 11 Dark Elf Brawler. As far as true bugs I have only run into 2 of them. There were alot of cosmetic bugs for awhile but most seem to be taken care of.

the new commonlands is the size of EC and WC if you were to add another WC and EC on each side of the original (where tox zi and north ro zi are in EQ).

Tox Forrest looks amazing. It is the most vile and scary forest I have seen in game yet.

Sorta disappointed by Freeport. It looks beat up and run down. I was expecting it to have a very crist militant look to it.

The Graphics are very nice. Definately on par with SWG and probably alittle better. I was getting serious lag in commonlands with a 2.26 p4 with 1 gig of ram a radeon 9700 pro.

There are 'raids' at just about ever stage of the game. Raid size is limited to 24 people.

I played most of my time solo and it did not take very long at all. For example you will be level 6 before even getting to your starting city if you do all the quests.

You get very nice xp bonuses for completing quests so it is a great way to supplement the grind by just killing the 5 orc brusiers for captian XX.

The key for all of these games is Community. If EQ2 gets one then people will play regardless of how fun the game is or is not.

It is very fun. You actually get a Quest Journal that tells you the steps u need to take to complete one and then checks them off as you go. For me that is just great.

The tradeskilling is more interactive where as now it is an encounter and some things like 'day dreaming' can appear while u are forging and then u need to execute the proper skill to counter balance this.

There are still rare spawns and named mobs that drop the phat loot. It seems like EQ2 is setup more for a casual feel but I haven't really gotten too far into the levels to say for certain.

EQ seemed casual until you got soo far also. Like for EQ it is really 3 different games. 1-50 is one, 50-65 is another, and then 66-70 is a third. You have different playstyles and goals during each phase.

There is definately a push for this game to be quest driven which is really cool. You have access quests for zones, quests for archetype, gear quests, etc.

Right now there are alot of people playing that have experienced EQ or some other MMORPG in the past so you have some elitism going on which is meh. But generally everyone wants to help out and see the game.

This happened with SWG as well for about the first 3 months of the game then people just stopped being social and went to the 'all about me' standpoint. It will be interesting to see how long it takes eq2 to degrade to that point.


ah yes the voice overs. They are pretty cool and actually helped me feel more apart of the world then just reading them. You still get a text window to read if you so wish. I am not sure if you can turn off the voice overs, would assume you can, but never actually looked for the option myself.

/random is gone. replaced by the lotto system. when in a group (and the group leader has the option set to lotto it is ffa by default) and someone loots an item a screen pops up for you to bid for the item or pass. the game then decides who wins the item based on who bid on it. however, if your inventory is full and u win an item it starts over and picks someone else.

Also. You have an overflow slot for items. So if you die and your gear drops to 0% because of it. it is not destroyed it goes to this overflow slot. u then have to pull the items to inventory 1 at a time and then go repair them before u can wear the gear again. repairing takes the gear to 100% there is no degrade in overall durability.

You can wear gear that is attuneable without attuning it but it doesn't grant all the benefits of the item. Once you attune the item it becomes no drop.

Not all quests are given by NPCs. You can find parchments out in the wilds as ground spawns that give you a quest once examined.

examine everything. I can't stress this enough. There are collection quests in the game that are only triggered after you examine an item. It is all very vague and nothing on the newbie island tells you about those type of quests in an upfront mannor.

Spirit Shard. this is the new CR. If you die u respawn with your gear but you take an xp penalty that at lower levels is about 1 yellow (of 8 or so total). If you get the shard back it drops the penalty down to about 1/8 a yellow.

while grouping it is everyones responsibility to keep people alive. If a player dies in group you all take an xp penalty of about 1/8 yellow if that.

Once a mob goes gray to you it will no longer give out xp or loot so the days of farming are over.

encounters are locked. once u attack a mob no one else can attack it outside of your group/raid unless a person /yells. When that happens the encounter becomes non xp and non loot. then anyone can kill the creature. bye bye KS.

swarm kiting and the like do not exist.

The other sorta iffy thing I found was in certain zones group mobs and solo mobs shared a spawn point. So it is hard to camp a 'solo' spot.

If you stay in the same area for too long eventually something will pop up on your screen that says 'Gnoll Slayer' (if you are killing gnolls) and the titles will get inceasing better the longer you stay.

This is not a good thing. The better title you get on that creature or area or zone the more of an xp penalty you get. They really do not intend for people to be stationary. They want you move around and kill different mobs. this is their anti camp implementation.

Hmm. They have all kinds of 'heirloom quests'. ghoulbane, stein of moggok, J-boots, etc. Not sure where or how u get these quests. but they do exist.

Zones. Tons of zones. Freeport is made of North, South, East & West. with a decent amount of newbie zones like Graveyard, the Spawl, the Ruins, Thieves Way (sewers), Wailing Caves (off of Commonlands).

They just recently added the ability for city guards to help you find people in the city zones which is awesome because as the quest journal is informative it isn't your one stop shop to locations or zones of the quest giver or target of the quest. I have heard the higher level quests will be more vague.

Waypoints. If you die just open your waypoint window and select your shard from the list of possible points of interests. A gold glowy then appears to direct you back to your corpse.

Hmm. The inventory screen I linked a while back is wrong. There is a ranged slot and the slot we were questioning is a waist. otherwise it is accurate for slots.

Personal Info. (hit p) to get to your ac, hit points, power, stats. hitting I will only give you an inventory screen.

Scouts truely are the tacticians They just have so many tools at their disposal that it would very much surprise me to not see one in a group. They can change HOs (heroic opportunities) and add some nice situational damage to the group.

Having more than one tank in a group bugs me. Well when the other tank doesn't listen and just tries to do his own solo HOs it just makes the scouts job impossible.

Haven't really grouped with any magi yet. The spell effects are flat out gorgeous. when sow is cast on you (or the equiv of) a blue partical effect wolf apears over u and then dissapates. stuff like the Wild Swing skill for a fighter has your sword catch fire while you jump and clear at the enemy.

PostPosted: Mon Oct 18, 2004 11:54 pm
by Serano
of all of the beta out stories those two are the most informative about the feel.

PostPosted: Tue Oct 19, 2004 12:26 am
by Bilnick
How do the voiceovers sound? I heard Christopher Lee (Sarumon, Count Dooku) plays Sir Lucan D'Lere. Do they add anything to the game or do you just want to read through whatever text comes along with it and ignore the voiceovers?

Nice write-ups btw. :thumbup

PostPosted: Tue Oct 19, 2004 5:05 am
by deladriendil
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 19, 2004 5:06 am
by deladriendil
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 19, 2004 11:33 am
by Guardrail
/random is gone. replaced by the lotto system. when in a group (and the group leader has the option set to lotto it is ffa by default) and someone loots an item a screen pops up for you to bid for the item or pass. the game then decides who wins the item based on who bid on it. however, if your inventory is full and u win an item it starts over and picks someone else.

Update: they added random back in as an option. unfortunatley the lotto does not exactly account for people that have already one something. As a request by the community the devs added random back in for people that want to limit how many times someone wins.

PostPosted: Tue Oct 19, 2004 11:38 am
by Guardrail
As Del.said there are some really great quests. What really appeals to me is that the quests pretty much outfit you. Really, other than food if you stick to quests you can pretty much level all the way to 14 or 15 on the tasks that are given to you and pretty much completely equip you and get you ready for exploring further.

thumbs up for me

PostPosted: Wed Oct 20, 2004 2:06 pm
by atred
I like it alot it has very good detail, within the video gfx and in the mechanics of the game. I am only level 16 and am currently playin a Crusader class. Lots of things are different but they are all good for the most part.
Jinji is my char if any of you get an invite and need a hand with anything that i know about give me a shout!


PostPosted: Wed Oct 20, 2004 2:51 pm
by coldencynikel
Thanks for all the scoop so far!
I just put in my pre-order.
Any observations on character housing? I'd like to hear about that. Is housing limited to one dwelling per account? (if so i'll have to do 2 accounts so my son can have a house?)

PostPosted: Wed Oct 20, 2004 11:45 pm
by deladriendil
You get an apartment that costs 5silver a week when you go to your starting cities (can be paid at the end of the 7 days). You can dress it up etc and it is an instanced zone so all players in a certain section click on the same door to get to their homes. You can upgrade your home to something other than an apartment but i haven't personally done that.

PostPosted: Wed Oct 20, 2004 11:47 pm
by Bilnick
What is the point of housing in EQ2?
More bank space or something?

PostPosted: Thu Oct 21, 2004 4:54 am
by Calthine Faeriesong
Good question!