Tentative Roster for EQ2

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Tentative Roster for EQ2

Postby deladriendil » Fri Oct 15, 2004 3:10 am

If you are going to EQ2 please announce in this post with your intended class, race, starting city, and if you are going to be a harcore or softcore player (i.e. only play EQ2 or split between EQ2 and another game) with your expected amount of days per week devoted to the game. Also please post your EQ characters name somewhere in the post (not like i don't know 90% of you freaks but for completion sake)

As of right now there is not a server list. Would assume if they mirror the server names from EQLive that we would all go to Vazaelle. The goal would be to have us all on the same server obviously.

At present this is what I am planning to be:

Class: Fighter (either a crusader or warrior archetype)
Race: Dwarf (if good), Dark Elf (if evil)
Starting City: looking alot like Qeynos but really undecided at this point.
Play Schedule: softcore (a couple days a week, sunday and wednesday likely)

also thinking about two boxing a shaman. but more debate needs to happen before I take that leap.

Sameil is going to EQ2 as:

Class: cleric of some form
Race: something short and annoying (to quote him)
Starting City: Qeynos preferred
Play Schedule: softcore (a couple days a week, sunday and wednesday likely)

Zytic is going to EQ2 as:

Class: bard of some sort
Race: gnome
Starting City: where ever sam and I decide to start.
Play Schedule: undecided

If there are enough of us on the same server we could form TF2.0. That would be sooo fletch! or just go with a family (still not sure wth this means in game).

Anyways post away. Interested to see who we got so far. If there are enough players of the same mindset someone with a current TF tag could probably persuade the officers of TF to allow a division to exist in EQ2 under someone's rule (not me. I just piss off people. I don't really lead).

Wouldn't want to make a guild with that name without their express permission.
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