What EQ god do you worship?

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What EQ god do you worship?

Postby deladriendil » Mon Aug 30, 2004 12:59 am

What EQ god do you worship?

The time of the old gods is at an end. With the passing of the age known as 'Betatest', and the coming of the next age, the old gods no longer hold power over the land of Norrath. A new breed of people calling themselves 'paying customers' have settled the land and brought with them a host of new gods.

Following is a listing I have compiled during my travels over the land.

Sorebottom O'Boredom, god of camping. Sorebottom is a dull and lazy god who requires the same devotion from his followers. They worship him by sitting on their arses for hours or even days at a time at his various holy places like Highhold Pass, Temple of Cazic Thule, Najena, and Guk. His followers pay homage to him by auctioning off their goods to the highest bidder. Their prayer chants include 'Selling/trading rubicite for a good wizard item', 'Get in line', and 'You kill-stealing [arrow], I've camped this spot for 3 days straight'. Sorebottom and his followers are the arch enemy of 'Wizfire'

Wizfire, god of kill-stealing. Wizfire is an evil, selfish deity. He is primarily worshipped by wizards, but some druids and mages worship him also. Wizfire requires vast number of sacrifices to sate his hunger for blood, so his followers travel the lands killing everything in sight. He is the arch enemy of Sorebottom, with whom he shares a parasitic relationship. Both are worshipped in many of the same places, but Wizfire and his followers live off the same prey. Wizfire and his followers are hated throughout the land.

Nurph, god of class balancing. Nurph is a very feared god, more appeased than worshipped. He is like a plague, feared by all players, who live in fear that his chilling hand is not placed on their class' head. Nurph requires sacrifices, which he gets primarily from druids, shamans, and necromancers in the form of spells and abilities. He has no worshippers or holy places, although his avatar, Arudune is sometimes seen stalking the land, looking for good spells or successful strategies to feed to his ravenous master.

Playorun Economie, god of trade skills. Playorun is a greedy god who takes his due from every successful trade skill in the form of profits. No skill is safe from his grasping hands, as he leeches the bank accounts of any foolish enough to try them. He is also worshipped by the many merchants in the land who buy items for but a fraction of their worth and sell them for hundreds of times their value. Whenever an enterprising mortal tries to outwit Playorun, by making money from a skill, he calls upon his brother, the god Nurph to smite the offender and any who would follow him.

Powyrgamyr, god of levelling. Powyrgamyr is crazed god, worshipped by hordes of raving, lunatics. These madmen roam the land killing everything in sight, never stopping, never sleeping, until they eventually drop dead from exhaustion. They are like a plague of locusts, destroying everything in their path in their mad quest to appease their god. Once a mortal gives his soul to Powyrgamyr, he breaks off all relationships, leaving friends and family behind, as they embark on their holy quests for experience, fame and wealth. Those that survive the quest, usually turn from Powyrgamyr and become worshippers of Twynker.

Twynker, god of newbies. Twynker is a kind god, worshipped by many newbies. The basic philosophy of the worship of Twynker is reincarnation. His followers believe that if they live a good and productive life, amassing wealth and items, they will be reborn into newbies, and be allowed to live off the gains of their previous life. As such, the followers of Twynker are viewed with jealousy and hatred by other mortals. They must endure much hatred and insults, but the consolation that they have better stuff than anyone else helps them cope. You can see Twynker's followers wherever there is a gathering of newbies. They are the ones killing rats, bats and fire beetles while dressed in full rubicite armor.

Roel Playor, god of perpetual low levels. Roel Playor is a benevolent god, worshipped by mortals through out the land of Norrath. They are well known for their verbose language and strange way of speaking. Most of them are kind, gentle beings who only want to live their lives in peace and harmony with the land and its inhabitants. However, their religion has recently been infiltrated by the followers of Wizfire. They are usually dark elves, trolls, and ogres who hide behind the teaching of Roel Playor, as an excuse to appease their god, Wizfire. These heretics are also known as azhoels.

--- Stolen from EQ2 forums who stole it from EQVault.
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Postby Velnarin » Fri Sep 10, 2004 1:32 pm

Erm........... I think............... I'll go with agnostic.....

(Thanks for the show)
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Postby fendeesha » Fri Sep 10, 2004 2:44 pm

That post was assuming the players of EQ are monotheistic, most players I know are polythiestic and have worshipped most/all of these gods at one time or another! LOL
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Postby bill » Fri Sep 10, 2004 2:54 pm

I just worship Guk. I lived in Lower Guk enough that I should have an address down there >< :help
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