Prima 'Exclusive' City Info: Qeynos

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Prima 'Exclusive' City Info: Qeynos

Postby deladriendil » Wed Aug 18, 2004 4:28 pm

City of Valor

Qeynos is the Great City, the city of valor and defender of the meek. It is a beacon of hope amidst the anarchy that plagues the world of Norrath in the Age of Destiny. It was nearly destroyed during the Age of Cataclysms, left in rubble and the land it sat upon partially submerged.

It was rebuilt with the unification of the Antonicans with the woodsman and druids of the Tunarian Alliance. This unification of communities has created a beautiful blend of medieval architecture and lush flora. The forest and the city have become one. Aqueducts now cut their way through some portions of the great city. Evergreen trees now spire alongside stone towers.

Qeynos is a place of beauty to the eyes and to the heart. It has defied the great cataclysms that ravaged many other empires.

Qeynos Residential Districts

The Qeynos Villages are the residential neighborhoods of the city that surround the central keep, the seat of government, trade and the military. They have been established to provide dwellings and support for incoming refugees and future citizens of Qeynos.

These villages are a part of the Kingdom of Qeynos and maintained by Qeynos, but are considered the homes of non-citizens who have yet to prove full allegiance to the kingdom. Residents of the villages are not allowed into the core of the city until citizenship has been granted.

Nettleville Hovel

Nettleville is one of the oldest standing villages of the city of Qeynos. It is here that the human populations of the city can be found. Most of the people in Nettleville are simple peasants, farmers and some merchants and fishermen living quiet lives outside of the bustling city.

The hovel has two main avenues that are lined with quaint little homes that lend the area its village feel. Although originally a human village, the kerra of Qeynos have also taken up residence in this area. The people of Nettleville were more than happy to make room and take them in.

The story about how this occurred varies by who tells it. It is said that when the kerra arrived, they simply took up residence in Nettleville and their easygoing, friendly manner made them more than welcome. In that sense the humans would say they adopted the kerran community in Nettleville, though the kerra would say they adopted their human neighbors.

Starcrest Commune

Starcrest Commune is a haven for the intellectual elite of the city. Although similar in structure to Nettleville, one large difference is the ornate fountain found at the center of the village. Erudites and humans claim Starcrest as their home. As you roam the streets in Starcrest, the banter of debates and the occasional good natured chess game are common sights and sounds.

The Commune Park is the other area of distinction; it is here that many gather for lunch, to discuss the turns of politics, the nature of the philosophical and the science of existence to no end. The debate about the fate of the gods can be especially heated between Erudite scholars and human theologians.

The pace of Starcrest is very slow, as the denizens of the village concern themselves with affairs higher than simple daily existence. An almost symbiotic relationship has grown between the humans and Erudites. The human thirst for knowledge is insatiable, and their neighbors in Starcrest provide the intellectual guidance they need. The Erudites in turn receive the emotional compass that many believe was lost to them after the cataclysmic events of The Shattering.

Graystone Yard

Graystone Yard is home to two of the hardest working and rowdiest races in Qeynos; the dwarves and the barbarians. The village is located off the main city dock and a few kerra do make their way here during the daytime to see about the latest catch of fresh fish being sold in the district.

Many of the dwarves and barbarians spend most of their day finding precious metals in the mines adjacent to the village. During the day, many of them can be seen shuttling back and forth. They never stop working in Graystone while the sun is still shining. Of all of the villages, the architecture here is most simplistic. This is a reflection of the lifestyle of the denizens of Graystone as they take a more "down to earth" approach to living.

Although empty during the day, Graystone boasts the largest tavern outside the city of Qeynos. The motto in this village is to work hard and play harder. All night, residents can be seen gathering together to share a good meal, good company and perhaps a few barrels of ale. The life of these residents is a hard one, but they wouldn't have it any other way.

Castleview Hamlet

Castleview Hamlet is very unique in structure and appearance compared to the other villages of Qeynos. The hamlet falls under the direct view of the castle of the city of Qeynos, and the architectural style mimics that of a castle's interior. All of the structures are surrounded by the traditional stone walls, and the hamlet itself remains absolutely spotless at all times, without even a speck of litter visible.

This village is home to one of the eldest races in Qeynos, and to one of the youngest: the high elves and the frogloks. One thing that is very evident to the casual eye is the strict order maintained in the hamlet. Here towers are common. In the large bathing fountain the frogloks can be seen frolicking during the day. The pairing of such long and short lived races would seem unlikely, but was requested by the high elves once it was known the frogloks had selected this particular location.

The two races share something of a parent/child relationship, and the patience that the high elves have evolved into is a virtue they wish to pass on to their neighbors. The frogloks defend the tenets of virtue and honor, no matter what the danger. If the princess is in trouble, the frogloks are the first to fight the dragon for her hand. The high elves only smile and hope to temper their neighbor's useful enthusiasm into a wisdom that channels their passion. What they don't realize is that the frogloks intend to do the same to them. Of course, the frogloks hope to pass on their wisdom as well and teach their new friends a lesson they all learn by the age of two, "Seize the moment to protect the innocent!" The Queen hopes that between the frogloks' passion and the high elves' experience, a happy medium can be reached for both of these races.

The Willow Wood

The Willow Wood has a very distinct style that causes it to stand out among the other villages. The wood elves and their half elf cousins claim residence within this area. The Willow Wood is not comprised of a lot of buildings, but does sit on a lot of land. More of a natural commune than village, the residents prefer the tranquility only nature can provide.

The architecture for the structures is fairly simple. Originally it was settled by the half elves during the end of the Age of Turmoil. Not finding complete acceptance in the city, they founded this, the first village in the new Qeynos that exists today. The wood elves were also no stranger to feeling displaced. After losing their home, they asked the half elves to join their community outside of Qeynos. The half elves graciously accepted, and they have been fast friends ever since.

The structures are simple, with little or no furnishings, which is the way the residents prefer it. The paths are not carved roads as they are in the other villages, but simple stepping stones mark the way for travelers in the Willow Wood. It is not uncommon to see animals and a lot of livestock in this village.

It is the nature of the wood elves to be very accepting of others' views and tolerant of differences. Though rebellious at times, the half elves feel a kinship with their displaced cousins, which is why so many choose residence in the Willow Wood. Here, they truly feel as if they've made a real home and identity for themselves.

The Baubbleshire

Without a doubt the most carefree of all of the villages, the Baubbleshire is home to both the halflings and the gnomes of Qeynos. Although it began as a strictly halfling trading post near the end of the Age of Turmoil, the gnomes have integrated nicely, and definitely have added their own flavor to the community.

The Baubbleshire was created by the land near the Elddar Grove and the Willow Wood. It shares many of the same traits as its neighbor villages, but with a distinctive Halfling feel. That is, it did until the gnomes were introduced into the village.

Upon the gnome's arrival from the Isle, Queen Antonia Bayle asked the halflings if the gnomes could take up temporary residence within their walls. Not wanting to be inhospitable, they quickly complied with the request. This led to the irrevocable change in the structure and landscape of the Baubbleshire, which has been the gnomes home ever since. Since settling in, gears and sprockets can now be seen on the mountainside. A large gear is now part of the park the halflings tend to in the center of the village.

While not rude, the gnomes simply dove into their work and forgot to find another place to live. Their "temporary" stay began nearly 50 years ago...

The halflings have learned to tolerate their new neighbors as best they can. The gnomes are constantly trying to repay the halflings' hospitality by creating "marvelous contraptions" to aid them in their day-to-day life. The halflings simply smile and nod, unless of course something blows up. As their tinkering improves, the damages to the Baubbleshire have been less extensive with each new successful round of experimentation. The halflings can only hope the gnomes don't work too furiously at repaying their generosity in the future.
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