Prima 'Exclusive' City Info: Freeport

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Prima 'Exclusive' City Info: Freeport

Postby deladriendil » Wed Aug 18, 2004 4:27 pm

The City of Free Men

Freeport, once known as "The City of Free Men," sits along the coastline of an arid savanna. It is an infamous city ruled by an evil and mysterious Overlord and patrolled by an equally evil and sadistic militia. Illicit business is quite common, which attracts the nefarious and selfish guilds of human society who have built grand guildhalls in the city to bolster their ranks while tending to hidden agendas.

The military is made up of brainwashed thugs who keep watch from high ramparts that divide the city districts and shield it from the Commonlands. Seafarers and merchants roam the docks and streets of Freeport, profiting from the needs of the ever-increasing flood of refugees.: It is a city where man meets monster, where civility meets savagery. There is always a new tide of adventurers and craftsmen rolling in and out. For all its brutality and corruption, Freeport still stands as one of the grandest cities one could ever set eyes upon. Just watch your back and trust no one!

Who is the Overlord? Several hundred years have passed since Lucan D'Lere took control of Freeport. Some historians believe that the current Overlord is a descendent of the original Lucan, whereas others claim D'Lere rules eternally in a state of undeath, not unlike a lich. Some careless sages say the truth is neither of the two, and whisper of an unfathomable curse. Such speculation is only for the foolhardy, for anyone known to be delving into the Overlord's past is prone to vanish without a trace. Every citizen lives in fear of the city's vengeful leader. With all of the risk why choose Freeport? Many would argue the lull of riches, but the power to conquer is what sets this city apart. Residents of Freeport are not content to sit idly by and late the fates guide them. In Freeport you make your own destiny!

Freeport is a place of peril and wickedness, but for the strong and the quick-witted it can also be a portal to literally unlimited wealth, power, and adventure.

Freeport Residential Districts

The Freeport Districts are small isolated sections on the outskirts of the city. They seem to convey a sense of poverty or moderate means that contrasts with the grandeur of the city center itself. The districts were created to handle the influx of refugees. These refugees are residents, but not true citizens of Freeport. They can only venture between districts, never knowing the center of the city until citizenship is gained.

Under orders of the Milita as directed by the Overlord, each district has certain races that have been assigned to it. These districts have slowly evolved into little villages where often one dominant gang of thugs takes control. The Freeport Militia turn a blind eye to such activities, spending much of their time guarding the gates and patroling for invaders. An alderman for each district reports to the Freeport government on the state of the village. These aldermen are usually the leaders of the ruling gang of the district.

Big Bend

Big Bend is old - far older than the central city or even the port itself. Its massive and ancient structures are ideal for housing the larger races of the city - the brutish ogres and trolls.

Originally a settlement of ogres, the Overlord decreed that trolls should also dwell there. The two races do not get along, but then again, they don't really get along among themselves either. New ogre and troll refugees pour into Big Bend every day, hoping to win citizenship in the companies of the Overlord, or simply to join up with a band of brigands strong enough to win riches. Needless to say, it is a place of intense and unremitting violence.

Much of the district is as one might expect - battered and squalid, with only the strongest buildings left intact and standing. There are, however, isolated pockets of prosperity and even beauty, largely due to the surprising skill of the best ogre craftsmen. An open-air market in the center of the district sells meat animals and the foul and noxious brews that the inhabitants favor as beverages.

One dark and featureless ally has been claimed by a secretive cabal of ogre mystics, and is feared by even the most savage of the region's inhabitants. On the other hand the Dreadnaughts, the most powerful of the district's gangs, openly flaunt the respect and deference its members command among the inhabitants. The Dreadnaughts can be recognized by the fearsome spiked armor their members sport. When even trolls and ogres cross to the other side of the street when a band of Dreadnaughts passes by, the prowess and ruthlessness of the gang cannot be questioned.

Stonestair Byway

Stonestair Byway was given its name for the large stone steps that lead up to residences on either side of the roadway that winds through the district. It boasts the most interesting pairing of races in the city as both the kerra and Erudites share these streets together. Strife has existed between the kerra and the Erudites ever since the High Men first set foot upon Odus and claimed it as their own, subjugating the kerra and driving them from their ancestral homelands. The Erudites used the kerra as fodder in their own civil war, and in turn the kerra hunted down the Erudites at every opportunity.

This district, more than any other, stands as a testament to the absolute dominion of the Overlord's will. Only a fearsome tyrant wielding unquestioned power could make two races with a history of violence and hatred coexist. Of course, achieving this feat required a decisive application of deadly force.

When the Erudites and kerra were first ordered into the district together, fighting in the streets claimed lives on both sides. Many assumed the Overlord to have made a mistake in putting these ancient enemies together, but in fact Lucan was acting with deliberate precision. He ordered the Militia to march through the Byway and wipe out any sign of unrest, leaving the charred remains of those who resisted as a reminder that there is only one ruler in Freeport and his will is absolute. To this day Stonestair Byway is an example to all who enter the gates of Freeport that disobeying the command of the Overlord will result in a swift and fatal response. Lucan's ploy has proven successful; all races coexist uneasily beneath a cloud of fear.

Even with open fighting forbidden, the tension in the district could be cut with a knife--and often is. Here the kerra can pursue their more feral pleasures and live as the predators they were destined to be. The Erudites can seek any kind of mystical knowledge and nothing is forbidden to them. The layout for the district is similar to Big Bend with a central square area where the various vendors can be seen peddling their wares. Needless to say, the competition is incredibly fierce in Stonestair.

Also seen skulking the streets at night are a very intelligent and highly organized gang known as the Abattoirs. Though primarily made up of Erudites, the origins and motivations of this group remain a mystery to the populace as a whole. One thing is certain: they are extremely adept in their use of magic and very liberal in its application. All who enter the Byway and interfere in their affairs finds themselves the victim of a terrible accident and never get the chance to leave Stonestair, ever again.

Temple Street

Since the Age of Turmoil, the gnomes of Freeport have been an invaluable ally in both war and peacetime situations. It was no surprise that the Overlord included them in his plans for a new empire and they reside in a small residential district called Temple Street, along with the enigmatic ratonga.

Formerly a defunct precinct of the city proper, the district acquired its name since, at one time, it housed a large temple within its walls. This district is by far the dirtiest of all, filled with failed gnomish inventions and teeming with Ratonga hordes. It is not uncommon to see the indecipherable scribbles of ratongan graffiti alongside near perfect mathematical calculations left by the absentminded gnomes.

Of all of the districts, this one seems to be most at peace, and there is a certain calm exhibited by those within its walls. The gnomes tinker away constantly, always muttering to themselves about how they have almost recovered this formula or are close to that breakthrough. Innovation always comes at a cost! In Freeport, the gnomes do not have to consider the trivial matters of consequence and conscience. Only results matter in this district. The ratonga seem content to keep to themselves and not disturb their neighbors. They do have an alarming habit of popping up precisely when the gnomes need them most, and are happy to assist the gnomes by fetching their tools or much-needed supplies. When asked why they are being so helpful, the playful ratonga simply smile and walk away.

The only strife ever seen in Temple Street is when the Black Magus and the Sewer Rats have issue with each other, which happens from time to time. The gangs are both small in number and control of the district seems to shift on a day to day basis. Both of them consider the marketplace to be "neutral" territory, and never do battle there under any circumstance.

Beggar's Court

Beggar's Court is the largest of all of the Freeport districts. This area was once a prosperous merchant court that held a large bazaar and every sort of crafter that could be imagined. Now, as a home to refugees, it's one of the poorest areas in all of the districts. It boasts a large population of humans with a few half elves mixed in.

One of the most noticeable differences is the neatness of this district, especially compared to Temple Street. The inhabitants of Beggar's Court strive to keep their home exceptionally clean, even if they are crushingly poor and furnishings are sparse.

Old grain sacks and cracked barrels have been turned into chairs and tables. The merchants have set up shop and you can see patched sails or sewn together bed sheets used as canopies to fight off the midday sun.

Beggar's Court is famous for one thing: contraband. It features the largest market outside of the city proper, but the goods that can be bought in Beggar's Court can't be found at all in more reputable counterparts in the city. This is one of the largest draws for the district. A discerning adventurer can find almost anything they need in this district, no questions asked.

Whispers have been heard about a secret organization controlling the trade of Beggar's Court. Some of the high halls in the district are not occupied by residents and warnings are given to all travelers to beware of exploring alone in these areas. The name "Harpies" has been mentioned once or twice by citizens on the street. Any questions about such an organization are met with stunned silence.

Longshadow Alley

Longshadow Alley is unique among the districts of Freeport. The reason for this difference is simple, only one race resides here: the Teir'Dal, or dark elves. The Overlord counts the Teir'Dal as one of his most useful resources and granted them the district as a show of gratitude for the service of one of their kind.

As you enter Longshadow Alley, the first thing you see is the fountain that houses a statue of an angelic warrior fighting a lion. The residents don't comment on its meaning but the current speculation is that it was a symbol placed by the Overlord himself so his residents never forget where their loyalty should lie. Publicly, the dark elves adhere to all of the laws of Lucan with unwavering loyalty, but what happens in the shadows of the Alley is anyone's guess.

One of the more striking features of Longshadow is a large raised platform surrounded by small altars of fire. The markings on the platform match those of other areas of the city of Freeport. It is said that they are the conduit for a teleportation spell used by "the Foci" herself for her frequent visits to the district. A dark elf of mysterious origin, the Foci is the head of the Academy of Arcane Science. She is generally considered to be the most powerful mage in all of Freeport, second only to the Overlord in sheer might and the fear she resonates each time she passes by. It is rumored that this district was reserved for dark elves upon the request of the Foci, and this request was granted by the Overlord in exchange for deeds unknown.

There are no gangs permitted in this district and indeed outsiders are scorned if they do not have business with a resident in Longshadow Alley. There are rumors of a secret group influencing and policing this district. Who they are and what their motivations are remains a mystery, if they even exist at all. Still today, this district stands as a monument to a cultural past. The Teir'Dal struggle daily to maintain their heritage and preserve the purity of their beliefs in a new world that has been torn asunder. Nobody can say what they are planning but one thing is certain: the Teir'Dal have never been a group to sit on the sidelines of any conflict.

Scale Yard

Since they escaped the grip of Shissar tyranny, the iksar have allied with none and have been feared by all. Today, the known remnants of the iksar culture exist in Freeport and like the Teir'Dal, they struggle to maintain the ways of their lost home. Scale Yard is the only district that was not constructed as a home for certain races; it was a prison constructed specifically for the iksar.

The original inhabitants of scale yard were the remnants of an iksar fleet captured by the forces of the Overlord in the Ocean of Tears. Lucan sought to break the proud iksar through torture and forced reeducation, a process that lasted for years. But when the new Rallosian Empire threatened the city during the Age of War, D'Lere sought out every asset he could muster. The Overlord worked out an arrangement with the iksar, the exact details of which were never revealed. What is known is that the iksar aided in the defense of Freeport during the Battle of Defiance, after which they were allowed to live in the district as free citizens. In addition, they were ordered to accept the barbarians in the Scale Yard as their neighbors. In a strangely uncharacteristic move, the iksar were only too happy to comply, a fact that has raised the eyebrows of many of those familiar with the race's typical behavior.

Now the two races appear to peacfully coexist with one another, aside from a few minor squabbles. The iksar detested the presence of the barbarians until they recognized philosophical differences that could be used to their advantage. The barbarians' disdain for politics and worship of the sanctity of war meant that the iksar were free to control the district's political landscape. Hoping to find greater glory on the field of battle, the barbarians saw their relationship with the iksar as a means to gain favor in the eyes of the Overlord.

This is another area of the city that the Deadnaughts seem to frequent. The iksar tolerate their presence as long as they do not intefere in their affairs. The barbarians are too busy arguing with each other to notice. Just a day like any other in the Scale Yard.
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