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Crazy Good

Postby deladriendil » Fri Aug 13, 2004 2:57 am

Some Highlights
Paladins, Clerics, Necros, and Dirges can Res. But only a Cleric can res during combat.

No Xp loss. But your items take a 4% Condition hit. So at 25 deaths your gear is shite. It can repaired however.
No Corpses. If you die and don't get a res you drop a 'spirit' shard which you (and only you) must go retrieve. You have 5 of these. If you maintain max Spirit then you get +XP modifiers etc. If for some reason u cannot reclaim the shard after a certain amount of XP it will be restored to you.

No Bidding. You will have 'Explorer Camps' in which to respawn at if die and don't get a res.

Any character can solo to level 50. Utility buffs (SoW) can be cast on members not in a group and stay up. Otherwise the 'WTB KeI' is gone. If you aren't grouped with a person that cast the buff it fades quickly.

They basically stole the Weapon Chain system from Final Fantasy and are calling it Heroic Opportunity.

A Res does not mitigate item damage or spirit loss. In other words you are taking a 4% hit to your gear everytime you die regardless. The deal with res is location and downtime. If you are ressed then you don't have to run back to the party etc.

They are bringing over the Instanced timer that they have for GoD. I.E. When you enter an instance to say kill Naggy and succeed you cannot enter another instance to kill Naggy until that time has elapsed. If you fail it resets when you leave the instance.

Boss (Epic) Mobs will be instanced and so will 'Newbie' Zones. But the majority of the game will not be.

Mobs will react to your level so if Serano (level 65 Ranger) ran into Blackburrow the mobs would flee. But if Rhain (level 9? Ranger) ran into the zone the mobs would start cracking their knuckles and thinking 'dems good eats'.

Bazaar is decentralized (i.e. it isn't a zone anymore). This is also stolen from FFXI and SWG. You can put something for sale in your own home. entering a 'merchant' mode. or you can give the item to an NPC merchant to sell (this causes them to charge a % of the selling price).

Money is now 100 to 1 instead of 10 to 1. So it takes 100 copper to make 1 silver, etc up the line.

Few monsters will drop coin. they will drop items that can be sold. most coin is earned in town via quests etc.

Banks are the same. I.E. You have the same bank slots regardless of what city you go to.

Items are as in FFXI as well. I.E. they have levels. So no drop and no rent will not exist as it does in EQ. Items can be used by players 5 levels below an items level. So a level 20 sword can be used by a level 15 player.

Certain items need to be 'attuned' to be worn. This basically turns them into No Drop items. But this takes away rotting gear. as the item is tradeable, sellable, etc until a player 'attunes' it.

Item Repair: Items can be repaired back to full as many times as necessary but this costs money. The item will not degrade on repair like in other games. The higher the level the more these repairs will cost.

Items do not deteriorate over use either. Only upon death and this can be repaired. Some high level items may not deteriorate ever.

You do not pick a Diety upon character creation. When you start the game you are in an instance and then u end up at Isle of Refuge for a tutorial. You cannot leave the isle until u select a combat archetype. and your level will cap until u select one. this applies to sub class and final class also.

Fighters will get more inventory slots as they level. Otherwise the characters have 6. Coin has no weight.

You can gain custom titles for your character by doing city quests and raising your 'Prestige' to certain factions in the game.

A series of quests will need to be completed to access all of the zones at launch. 'The Shattering' prevents a player from running from Freeport to Qeynos. You can no longer run across the known world.

You will not be able to fight Naggy until atleast the first expansion. You may (depending on faction) be able to gain quests from him.

The zones like Nektulos, Commonlands, etc are 'HUGE'. So I am expecting this to be much like FFXI or SWG zones in size. Let us just hope that there is content and not just alot of empty space.

There will be Raids at all Levels.

No Underwater Zones on Launch.

No Sense Heading. All characters will have a compass.

Befallen returns as a zone called Stormhold. Ferrott returns. Qeynos Hills is now called 'New Antonica'.

Group leaders have the ability to grant access to loot and unlocking (/yell) rights.

Encounters are locked in EQ2. So once you attack a gnoll only your group can do damage to it until it is unlocked with yell or one of you die.

Also you can also Lotto loot. where the group is shown what item drops, the players request the item and then the game randomly gives the item to someone.

Freeport peeps can group with Qeynos peeps and vice versa.

You can decide to defect from your starting city and join the other in a Betrayal Quest but this can only be done before your Sub Class is chosen.

Guilds will have levels. As players within the guild earn iPvP for the guild (through doing special quests which don’t grant normal experience to the player, but grant experience to the guild instead called writ quests), the guild will increase in level, which will allow members of the guild to purchase prestige items from higher prestige vendors. These items include special titles, guild housing, special mounts, etc. The cool thing about guilds is that in addition to the four classifications the members of the guild can be classed into (guild leader, officer, member, and applicant), there are two types of guild members. The first type is called a patron, and only the iPvP points earned by patrons can be attributed to the guilds level. The other type of guild member is a normal member, and these members can still earn personal iPvP points to spend on individual guild perks, but they can not create iPvP points for the guild. Using this system, the ideal number of patrons in the guild is 12-36, any number less than 12 or more than 36 will place a severe penalty on the guild, making it more difficult for the guild to level, and thus making it more difficult for that guild to have access to the top level of perks. A guild can be 500 members, as long as there are only 12-36 patrons, that guild competes in iPvP just like the smaller guilds. Doing this allows for guilds to be large, and for small guilds to bring in their alts without incurring a penalty. Guild crests and heraldry will not be in at launch, but is one of the most important post release features to be brought into the game.

Players from Qeynos can be guilded to a guild that pledges allegiance to Freeport. The player will still be KoS in Freeport but will still gain guild status.

You may be able to use cross game chat in guilds between EQ1 and EQ2. This is so far a rumor.

And... I am done typing this. Check out the link about for more info.
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