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EQ2 and PETS

PostPosted: Thu Aug 12, 2004 10:51 am
by print
I have seen many previews, I have yet to see a mage pet or a shammy pet in any. Are they going to get pet? Has anyone seen any?

PostPosted: Thu Aug 12, 2004 12:38 pm
by deladriendil
nothing aside from having the Summoner Sub Class under Mage with Conjurer and Necromancer underneath it.

I would look for something to pop on the EQ2 sites soon since they all just went to a Fan Faire deal and are posting bits about it now.

PostPosted: Fri Aug 13, 2004 1:03 am
by deladriendil
Partial spell list stolen from TheRunes.Net It lists some Pet spells...

Not exactly what you were looking for Print but it is a start

Known spell list :
ArchType Class SubClass Spell Name Use Effects

- Lightning Burst –Damage-Spell that calls down a burst of lightning bolts causing Health damage to the target.
-Hungering Essence-Buff -Spell that consumes the caster's Health and returns Power to the caster. -Cryptic Insignia -Buff -Spell that increases Power and shields against Magic and Mental attacks for the entire party.
-Acuity -Buff -Spell that increases a party member's Intelligence and Wisdom.

-Conflagration –Damage-spell that brings forth a raging fire which consumes all opponents in the area around the caster.

-Vivid Seal -Buff -Spell that grants Intelligence and shieldsagainst Heat and Cold attacks for the entire party.
-Glacial Wall -Combat Buff - Spell that brings forth an icy wall that prevents Cold, Heat and Physical damage to a party member.

-Volcanic Blast -Damage -Spell that causes a blast of fire and heat, similar to that of an erupting volcano, damaging and removing any protective runes from all opponents within the area of effect.
-Embodiment of the Elements -Combat Buff -Spell that grants the Wizard an elemental form heightening their Intelligence and Power; also adds other various benefits.
-Ice Comet –Damage - Spell that calls down a mass of ice that strikes the target and continues to cause icy destruction for a period of time.

-Flock of Shadow -Damage -Spell that calls forth a number of corrupt shadow minions that attack the Warlock's opponents.
-Malevolent Weaponry -Combat Buff -Spell that imbues a party member's weapons with a poisonous aura that inflicts damage and reduces the victim's damage output. -Devastation - Damage - Spell that brings forth a wave of corruption that devastates the target.

- Signet of Intuition - Buff -Spell that grants Intelligence and Wisdom to the entire party, and also shields them from Mental and Magic attacks.
-Rippling Ego -Damage -Spell that channels the Enchanter's intellect into a powerful psychic blast that damages all opponents within the area of effect and reduces their resistance to Mental attacks.
-Daze - Control -Spell that renders the target stunned for a period of time.
-Illusory Terrain -Utility -Spell that teleports the party to a safe area, allowing the party to instantly escape from a dangerous situation.
-Chromatic Shift -Combat Buff -Spell that aids a party member by replenishing Power whenever that member takes magical damage.
-Gloom -Damage -Spell that calls forth a terrifying illusion, doing Mental damage over time and reducing the damage output of all opponents within the area of effect. -Coercer
-Psychic - Damage - Spell that channels the Coercer's intellect into psychic damage over time, disables locomotion on the target, and then spreads to other opponents. - Agonizing Silence –Control-Spell that allows Coercers to exert their intellect, causing damage over time as well as preventing most forms of spell casting or ability use to all opponents within the area of effect.
-Parasitic Thought -Damage -Spell that does damage to the target whenever they expend Power, replenishing the Coercer's power in response.

-Tellurian Recruit -Pet -Spell that summons a powerful Earth minion that battles as a Fighter.
-Earthly Brand - Buff -Spell that grants Stamina and shields against Magic, Heat and Disease attacks to the entire party.
-Sliver of Essence -Heal -Spell that summons forth a shard of power to a party member that can be used to replenish Power. Using such a shard modulates Health into Power. -Conjurer
-Summoned Adherent -Pet -Spell that calls forth a humanoid monster with Monk abilities.
-Pyrotechnic -Damage - Spell that bursts into a brilliant, fiery explosion, causing damage and reducing protection versus Heat and Cold attacks to all opponents in an area around the Conjurer.
-Servant Blades -Damage - Spell that calls forth a number of mystical swords that attack opponents.
-Grim Champion -Pet - Spell that summons forth a skeletal Shadowknight.1 -Revivify -Cure -Spell that restores a dead being to life. Can only be used in non-combat situations.
-Parasitic Affliction - Damage -Spell that drains the life of a target over time, conferring a portion of this essence to the Necromancer.

PostPosted: Thu Sep 16, 2004 11:33 am
by gertondalen
wow...cant beleive my eyes...mages with an INT/Wis Buff? the crazyness :plzdie