WOTLK Raid Content cleared in 3 days - WTF?!

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Re: WOTLK Raid Content cleared in 3 days - WTF?!

Postby bill » Thu Dec 11, 2008 1:56 pm

A large portion of my xp post 70 is from the new instances. I just haven't started questing there yet. The quests in SMV yield about 15,000xp a shot approx. and the new expansion starting zones offer about 25-30k per shot. I can't comment on difficulty as I haven't really got into the new ones yet. The figure is based off the few instance quests I've done.

It seems more of the instance quests are part of chains and not something you can just pick up from group members. This is annoying knowing that once I finally do get to the instance quests in their various chains...I'll have already done these instances a zillion times. I've done Utgard Keep, Nexus, Old Kingdom, Azjol Nerub, Violet Hold and Drak Keep enough to recall all of the bosses abilities by heart.
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Re: WOTLK Raid Content cleared in 3 days - WTF?!

Postby Caniza » Thu Dec 11, 2008 2:53 pm

Well, Kath still has a few quests from classic that are still green for her at 69. So it doesn't surprise me you're still able to get exp out of SVM.

I can see how the quest chains can be annoying. I made a habit of getting all my quests lined up and ready before doing an instance run, cause it was more efficient that way. Plus no quest history tab in the quest log means its a headache keeping track of which quests you've done on which character. =P Also, ever since bc came out, I was lucky if I found just 1 group to run some instances in classic before I outleveled them.
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Re: WOTLK Raid Content cleared in 3 days - WTF?!

Postby fafina » Mon Dec 22, 2008 5:44 pm

The guild that cleared it in three days is called Ensidia. Ensidia was formed when Sk-Gaming (Aka Curse) was approached by the crown prince of Dubai offering a sponsorship. Sk-Gaming then approached other top Euro guilds about forming into one unstoppable guild. After being turned down by two they decided to go with Nihilum. Collectively the players in both guilds represent the top percentile of a top percentile. As analogies go it would be more like the top people from each class in EQ, regardless of server, banding together to form one new guild (not to mention the financial support of the Dubai royal family).

http://serbandsteel.dingblog.com/blog.p ... og=524&lc= -- more specific information from someone with firsthand knowledge.

And yes they did clear Naxx25 with 23 people in the raid in their SWP gear. The gear reset for WOTLK was not as severe as it was when TBC came out. It is sad that most endgame guilds are down to one night a week farming until the next content patch.
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