Wow - thoughts on (Death Knight)

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Wow - thoughts on (Death Knight)

Postby Caniza » Tue May 20, 2008 6:09 pm

Well the new Death KNight page is up today and figured Id post a few thoughts on it.

Its interesting, bit of a ret pally that can actually tank. Retribution being the dps talent tree that favors 2 handed weapons. Normal tanking tends to involve using a shield not only for the extra stats but because of shield blocks that partially absorb some damage. Also a bit of warrior thrown in with the runic power. Warriors have a rage bar, like mana though it starts at 0 and fills up as they do damage and I think take damage as well. Seems they want to appeal to the players that want to tank and dps at the same time. =P

Interesting they chose to make them start at 55 instead of 65 or 70, the grind haters are gonna be mad. =P Also a shame you only get 1 per server, though I can understand that on a pvp server. Pvpers tend to get prissy when you talk about transferring a high lvl to pvp servers cause you wouldnt have had to go through all the ganking they had to endure to get to high lvls. I could see them getting mad if you showed up with a fresh 55 on the opposing faction without having to suffer. Unless they lower the lvl limit to get into Outlands from 58 to 55, players are gonna have to endure 3 levels of Old World, which some hate. (not me =P) I suppose its possible their class quests meant to teach them how to play a DK might be enough to get them to 58 fairly quickly though.

The Unholy talent tree sounds sorta a mishmash of leftover ideas. Not necessarily a bad thing, the mage Arcane tree, for instance, started off as mostly a utility tree with some pvp as well iirc, though it got more dps talents added in BC. They'll prolly beef up Unholy later.

The summoning stuff sounds cool, esp since they can turn fellow players into ghouls and the affected player will get to play as one.

Im a bit worried when the new expansion comes out though that pallys will be sidelined again in favor of DKs like in pre bc with wars being the preferred tanks. It took some major rewrites on the pally talents plus gear improvements in bc for pple to start taking pallys seriously as tanks and at least not laugh at them as much as they used to on dps as ret. I still plan to make one when the expansion comes out though I'm not sure what race or focus Ill make it.

Oh, and every time I see Arthas I keep thinking there should be heavy metal music playing. =P

Did anyone see the Bard hero class April fools joke page they did? Wouldve made a killer hero class =P

Edit: Forgot to add if anyone has any opinions on the new death knight feel free to post. Id love to hear what other people think of it.
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