Some minor updates to DKP policy are live.

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Some minor updates to DKP policy are live.

Postby Serano » Sat Jul 15, 2006 2:46 pm

- Accidental loot policy. Penalties can be stiffer and adds the officer adjudication options
- updated quest loot rules
- added sentance to the concept para
- DKP earning notes
- defined the soulbound policy a little clearer to explain why there are occasional moves based on officer votes
- added comments about leaving the guild strips your alts of DKP as well.

One of note:

g) Accidental Looting: Defined: If you loot something that and officer didn’t tell you to loot in a channel or in a tell, i.e. Yournamehere loot X, or SOLD Yournamehere or X item is FFA you have accidentally ninja looted.
i) Mistakes happen and for a first time offense you will be docked 10 points or the lowest value that item or its equivalent has ever gone for, whichever total is higher.
ii) A second offense and officers will determine whether deguilding will occur.
iii) If the accidental looting occurs on a person’s obvious alt – the officers will decide whether your raiding main gets the penalty instead of the toon that did the looting.

a lot of stuff in the above. I have written in a change to the max penalty for a misloot. I don't want a player to loot the flamming sword of the gods that would go for 100DKP for only 10 DKP - so the note in i) allows for us to access a stiffer penalty. The decision on what exactly the accessment is - might vary and will depend on familiarity on similiar loot. The goal of course is that no one loots an item without instructions.

e) Quest Loots that drop incidentally during a loot raid are typically DKP'd if it is a contested quest and then usually only the hardest drop (rarest) will be DKP'd. sometimes quest loot will be called /ran 1k or FFA depending on tempo of the raid, if the loot is in a bad spot, etc.
e1) The character with the MOST bits to a quest get subsequent quest drops for free if they have already DKPed one item in that quest line. Officers will not always know this information as we are not savants – so if a loot drops and the officers don’t seem to know what it is for – make a point to bring it up in raid chat or /gu immediately if it appears on the loot table please. Keeping a current journal in the journal forums will help keep this stuff clear and remark any loots in the quest you have had to pay DKP for. The most informed and communicative members will be easier to assist on such loots.
e2) The exception to this is if we have multiple players at the same portion of a quest and they have each bid on an equal number of previous drops. At that time we would have a case where a bid will be called for loot rights.

I think this addresses the policy we have talked about in several threads better than whatever was there before. Post in this thread if you think something is irrational or doesn't make logical sence

1) Raid Point System
a) The Tribal Fury Raid Point System has been designed to award players who raid in order to ultimately build overall raid effectiveness while embodying the spirit of Need Before Greed. DKP allows a person to earn a future loot at every raid they attend.

I just added a 2nd sentance here to the concept.

e) MOST quest hits will be worth 1 point or none depending on the presiding officer's role, size/required size of the force, length of hit, set up time, and follow on hits associated with that or another quest hit. Most Quest hits with less than 18 players will not be DKPed. When in doubt if the loot is NOT DKPed you didn't earn any DKP. If some wacky officer sells the loot for DKP you earned points baby. Some quest hits will be tracked hourly like a regular raid.

I added a sentance at the end and changed something else in this para.

ii) DKP is soul bound. It stays where it is earned. The officers will discuss if there is ever a justification to move it in any circumstances not covered here on a case by case basis.

I added this line which pretty much sums up the policy but wasn't stated really anywhere.

i) If you /guildremove a raiding char to apply elsewhere or go solo, points for all your chars are dropped to a ZERO value in concert with those chars being removed from the guild.

changed what was there a little and added the part that you will be losing alts that you didn't deguild as well.

OK all that stuff is POSTED.

If there is something in the DKP policy that any of you members have been looking at that doesn't make sence make sure to let us know and we can see if it needs to be addressed.
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