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Postby Forco » Wed Sep 21, 2005 10:05 am

In my humble opinion, I would think it should be DKP as is everything else, my reasoning for this is simple. If you go on these raids you will earn DKP wether you get the drop or not. Then you will get the DKP you need to get the item in subsequent raids.
I say this because, there are limited people at the higher end of the game and skillset that are basically required to succesfully complete any event especially one such as Emoush. Thats the bottom line, that's the case in any guild, we need certain persons to attend almost all raids to be succesul. I do my best to attend each and every encounter and try not to give a damn about wether I need it or not, ie backflags, epic hits etc as do many others. I am consoled by the fact that I will get DKP for it and better yet that I am helping a fellow guildie achieve a milestone. I also hope that said guildie will do likewise when it is my turn. However, we are a casual raiding guild, we do not enforce or rather force attendance at raids. We do however reward attendance with DKP, yet at all raids there are a few that do not attend unless it is in their best interest, ie a flag THEY need, an epic drop THEY need, this is the way of the world and a million circumstances abound for this reason. Hence my reasoning for DKP, if a person has his drop and is sick and tired of doing Emoush he can, perhaps even should say screw it I got mine let them get theirs. DKP would ease the boredom because we are working on EP and will someday be working on Time etc and that DKP will get you Phat loots.
Were I mathematician i would try to calculate the odds of winning a /ran with 24 people, or to be 1 of the 6 that gets it out of 24 rather, but I think I can mass up enough DKP in a few runs to get it IF I need it or want it.

As a side note I would like to thank the people that DO come on all the Backflag raids and have done all the stupid hits numerous times to help others. Even when those that need the hits are out somewhere doing something else. I think you all should be rewarded further than the rest of us because it shows dedication and team spirit. A reward for your effort would encourage others to do so as well. Especially since your hard work and dedication have already earned you a place in EP and I know it would benefit you greatly to raid there than to go over the same boring stuff over and over again. In this case earning DKP at Emoush would be better than watching people argue over who gets a freakin drop. So Thanks
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