Tribal Fury Quests and death to the Epic Forum

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Tribal Fury Quests and death to the Epic Forum

Postby Serano » Thu Apr 29, 2004 9:06 am

There are so many quests in Everquest that have superseeded the class identifying Epic quests. Yet, so long as Everquest persists, the traditional partical weapon quests will always be known as each classes "Epic." I am not trying to insinuate that this will ever change. There will always be players that want to get the Kunark era "epic" quest completed and there is no problem with that.

However - in order to streamline support for Tribal members, upon my recomendation - the officers have aggreed to dismantle the Epic quests Forum. Henceforth, Epic quest completion will be treated as just another quest that players are working on. However, this doesn't mean that Epics are dead, forgotten or unobtainable. In fact, I am going to be putting forth effort into getting our quest assistance organized back the way I used to run epic assistance and planning in the past.

Please brouse over to the Quest forum on a regular basis to do the following:

- POST walkthrus or links to quests that you think others may find interesting.

- Ask questions pertaining to quests you are working on or heard about.

- Update quest completion checklists as they are established. There are some quests that we as a quild are working towards, namely key quests - but there are other instances - Chardok B quests is an example

- Sign up for THE quest that is your current project that you would like guild consideration for. Primarily this sign-up list will be what raid/strike force planning will be used for. I am going to plan on quest night typr Raids that will take highly mobile groups thru multiple zones and initiating instanced events to complete quest portions, catch quest Contested mobs, and plow thru content in order to get to key areas. This sign up list will be like the old epic completion checklist I maintained. Essentially - everyones CURRENT quest will be on ONE thread. As parts are completed - edit your OWN topic and then when you complete it - leave the quest in the subject line and a simple COmpletion date in the post. Once that quest is completed - ADD your new quest at the bottom - OR rewrite your original post to reflect your new project. PLease do not use that thread as a discussion forum because I will moderate your extra comments mercilessly.

- Also use the quest forum if not Open or members to arrange for quest completion GROUPS. If there is quests or quest events that can be completed with a group or less but not solo - those are a great thing to set up specific DATES for on your own using the quest forum

- and lastly - sign up for other peoples events. Each member that assists others in "I need a group for X" events will more likely see other questers sign up for YOUR events.

See you on the quests forum.

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