DKP Guests / old members - points

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DKP Guests / old members - points

Postby Serano » Sat Apr 24, 2004 5:01 pm

Guests at TF raids are earning DKP points and they are available to see here:

All former members of TF unfortunatly LOSE their DKP if they leave the guild - but upon raiding with us as a guest or returning as a member you begin gaining points again from zero.

If you have any discrepancy with DKP send a tell to an officer or post in members or open if you are a friend.

If a guest raider ever joins TF, he keeps his points he has earned. There will be some raids where loot will ONLY be given using DKP, so it behooves you to pay attention to the raid rules for loot rights.

The only way you lose your DKP points is to spend them or leave Tribal Fury. If you see point adjustments - that doesn't mean you "lost" points - that means that you didn't earn them. We needed to manually input the right points for your attendance. Some events have time hacks / some have multiple kill points awarded depending on presence during kills.

if you can't find your DKP - do a search by class and you should find your name there. Various names are "hidden" when they are retired or inactive.

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