update to our APPLICATION and future members on Mains

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update to our APPLICATION and future members on Mains

Postby Serano » Wed Jul 25, 2007 11:26 am

Copied from our aplication forum. This may be edited as we refine the concept in officer forums but this is a working policy we are hammering out currently. This 6 month restriction does not affect any Toon tagged TF prior to today - but of course Anytime you decide to switch mains for raiding purposes let the officers know - and take into account the content and how key your class is when doing so.

APPLICANTS be aware of our MAIN vs APPs policies

Effective 25 July 07:

All current and Future APPs will be expected to APP with the Main char they intend on Raiding and playing with for a minimum of Six (6) months. Which char you app with and how you play that class is taken into account when the members comment and vote on your application. So joining with one char and then switching full time to another character immediatly would send mixed signals. If after six months of TF membership - you need a new type of char - and want that char to be designated your Raiding main - let an officer know or make a post on the message board so an officer can adjust your roster comments.

TF allows all members to raid with ALTS if they meet the zone in requirements and are not a detriment to the raid. However no alt under our current APP requirements will earn DKP.

The differance between an ALT and a MAIN is that a Main can bid anything up to their total DKP bank on items whereas an ALT is limited to 20 DKP CAP vs mains. BOXES only earn DKP if the box is requested by the Raid leader and are also capped at bidding 20 DKP vs Mains. Read up our DKP rules in the top forum (TF Policies) for complete information.
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Postby Zyzzerzazz » Wed Jul 25, 2007 2:23 pm

Please do not think this is in reaction to some recent peeps changeing mains lately. It was a result of us seeing somewhat of an exploit in our policy that was leaveing us open to issues.
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