Through the eyes of a bard - Aubs Train records

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Through the eyes of a bard - Aubs Train records

Postby Horcrux » Fri Sep 15, 2006 10:58 am

Training is my art, and I've got plenty of old screenshots of my trains or just really cool pulls littering my harddrive, so I figured I'd compile some of them =)

PS: If someone knows a better image hosting than imageshack (imageigloo think their name is now) I would like to know the name lol.

Thats about every mob between the named and zone in, in the Web of Lies mission. From an attempt to pull her out to zone in for an easy kill. Needless to say, shes not in picture so I grabbed a spider to kill lol.

Every Olympic swimmer should have things like those chasing them, would push them to train a bit harder eh?

Anyone who has done Shadowscream armor needs no explanation for this picture.

Soloing through the eyes of a bard.
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