Now this is Keyring Worth Having

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Now this is Keyring Worth Having

Postby Caniza » Wed Jun 21, 2006 5:48 am

Finally somebody did a keyring in an mmo right! I loved how keys in Betrayal at Krondor were in a separate inventory window and it turns out thats just what Blizzard did for WoW. P

Full Patch Notes can be found here.

Patch 1.11 Highlights:

Key rings have been added to the game.

* Level 1-39 = 4 slots
* Level 40-49 = 8 slots
* Level 50-60 = 12 slot

Its a little button looks like a key next to the left most bag and opens its own inventory window for you to dump your keys in. THis is how soe shouldve made their keyring instead of that lame /keys command that has bugged up on pple in the past and wiped thier keys.


* Evocation - Cool down reduced to 8 minutes.
* Pyroblast - Cool down removed.

Arcane Explosion is now instant cast and will no longer remove the Presence of Mind effect when used.

Evocation - Is now available to all mages (via trainer), starting at level 20.

Fellow Mages rejoice!! We get Evocation(1500% mana regen while channeling for 8 secs) as a spell now isntead of a talent. =P

Pyroblast without a 10 sec recast is nice too. No more need for PoM just to make that insta cast. Plus with the way the new talent tree is set up its now a prereq for Blast Wave(fire PBAoE). =P

# Text that a raid leader sends to chat will now be displayed in a different color and will have the [Raid Leader] label.
# There is now a new raid warning chat channel available to raid leaders and assistants. Text that is sent to this channel will appear in the center of the screen for all players in the raid. The channel is called Raid Warning and text can be sent to it with "/rw"
# Raid leaders now have a Ready Check button on their raid interface. This can also be sent with /readycheck from the chat line. A Ready Check sends an "Are you ready?" window with Yes/No buttons to all players in the raid. The raid leader will get feedback in 30 seconds on all the players who were not ready or who did not respond.
# Players now have a Raid Info button on their raid interface that functions the same way /raidinfo worked before. This function will display a pane showing all of the raid instances that a player is saved to, rather than displaying it to the chat window.

These raid changes look interesting.

# Players in a party may now select an option that allows them to reset all currently open instances.

* You only get the reset all instances option if you are a party leader.
* The UI option appears if you are a party leader, you have one or more instances open, and you are not currently in an instance.
* The UI option is a right-click option off of your own portrait (like party loot options).
* You get a warning dialogue when you select this option asking if you really want to reset all instances.
* If you select reset all instances, all non-raid instances will be reset to their starting condition.

The way WoW instances work is sometimes a group may clear certain quest mobs or events and later pick up new members that require those quests. This helps reset the instances instead of everyone having to zone out, disband and regroup.

# Parties and Raids now can mark targets for their party/raid in the gamefield. A party leader or raid leader/assistant can right-click the portrait of their target to select a symbol to associate with that target. All players in the party/raid will see the selected symbol over the head of the target as well as on the portrait of that target.
# Players can now turn on the "Target of Target" in the Raid and Party section of the interface options. When this is turned on, anytime a player is in a party or raid, it will show the portrait and health of whatever your current target has targeted. You can click on that portrait to target that thing directly or if you have the spell glove up you can cast spells on the target of target without targeting it directly.

THis goes to show that stealing other mmos ideas works both ways. =P

The Looking For Group channel is now global.

This wouldnt have been such a bad idea if they had also added a global ooc channel as well. To all the schmucks oocing in lfg channel. :plzdie
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