TRIBAL FURY Reunion Raid - Plan of Time- 23 June 06 8 PM EST

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TRIBAL FURY Reunion Raid - Plan of Time- 23 June 06 8 PM EST

Postby Serano » Tue May 02, 2006 2:10 am

This is an open call to All of you retired from EQ Tribal Fury members and ex members alike.

This is "THE" reunion raid. While a LARGE portion of our retired Guildies are NOT Time flagged we should be able to gather a force to raid in those that attend.

To this end - The Friday prior to the "Reunion Raid" will also be a Time clearing - and if you check our raid forum there will be several Time raids prior to the 23rd of June 2006.

THIS is not some trick to try to lure you back to the game you have forsaken, errr - I mean retired from. This is a request from The members of TF to come hang out with the veterens of TF that are still around. For those of you not familiar with Ophidion's paid contribution to the everquest world - for ever 5 players we have that are Time flagged we can bring in one player that is not. During a typical Time raid we flag 9 players permanently for Time. SO if you are a retired TFer that lacks a Time flag - by all means if you can raid one of our time raids prior to the Reunion Raid that will help with over all raid ins of the targeted attendees.

with 60 flagged players we can have 12 raid ins - but typically we have a raid in buffer so we would have 61 flagged for 11 raid ins. 9 of which could get flagged that night.

WHO are the targeted attendees? Pretty much anyone that has left the game and wore a TF tag at one point and is at least 65 - alas Time requires you to be at least 65 to zone in - I do have at least ONE account to loan out for the night of the raid (taniquel) who is time flagged if you are interested in attending and are not in possession of a 65 toon.

Asside from Retired TFers even those that retired wearing the Alternate Eclipse tag - The following EX - TFers who have been with us from time to time are also invited: Goofydoofy, Ophidion, Shalow, Eventinee, SUmven, Zephaniah, Morbier, Torrizt, Eamile, Hedorm And Dolph (any chars) , Fendesha, Nefra, Ellusive, Kenak, Mosrael, Invisus (or Phisin), Lifbriger(or Kongool), Saar(or Korha), Killon, Teim(or your new chars) and prolly a few more slots from some of the WoD that left TF with you guys. AND anyone I failed to list that is still an active player. This was just a quick stab of some prolific players that have left and are either stillin game or sprung to mind.

OBVIOUSLY this raid will be limited to 72 players and it is likely to fill up if this raid is wildly popular. Priority to attendance will be those that RSVP in this thread - being X - TFers. Obviously I would like to SPECIFICALLY like to invite all former TF officers and consider yourselves practically guranteed a raid slot if I can juggle it.

YES you will have to activate your old account and possibly reinstall EQ onto your computer for this raid. As many of the invited guests will have to activate their EQ account you might have to front up $15 for this night. IMO - an opportunity to die with the tribe one night in June - $15 bucks is worth itl

So I am definatly looking for the Pittsburg Mafia, The old San Diego crew (Kunglao's clan), THE RALPHASAUR and Fadari, Firouna, Dealing and Mytmaxx, Calthine and Prallic, The old Mooers, (I almost said Torture but I think almost ALL of the Tortures that merged with us are still active or mentioned above), the old WE happy Fewers, The Vongers, MIuu (ok he was never TF - but can't leave him out, Mublia (also not TF but can't invite Miuu and not Mubs!) Colden, Fingor, Rhaven, Barcode, Resulta, Raning, And you know what - I will even let angyish come! Please dont think if I left you off of this list you are not welcome - I only blasted who came to mind straight off. SOme of our x players are not on best of terms with some of our other X players or current members. FOr one night I would like to set any of that asside.

OK -- this doesn't leave MUCH room for our active roster and I have listed specifically about 2 dozen people that are NOT Time flagged in my invites. So that means in order to be a success - some of you would have to be prepared to get a raid in and time flag ahead of time for the reunion raid. As I said Time raids will be posted in the Raids forum so if you can pre-raid ahead of time I will try to browbeat the officers to get you a raid in and flag in order to max out our Time Reunion Raid seats.

THIS RAID will be a raid that EARNS DKP - but ALL LOOT will be randomed. So our members earn DKP and so our guests can earn worthless DKP but be able to /ran 1000 on loots as they drop if they would like trophies on their retired toons - YES this is welcome and no hard feelings. The day will be a fun day and if a retired toon gets a TIME loot to wear prior to shutting down their account again - WoOT! THERE will most likely be less active raiders allowed seats at this raid than ussual. I might have one officer or capable TFer take all the TFers that can not get a raid seat on this night to do another hit - like DoN progression hit or DoD instance etc in order to give you guys a raid opportunity since we are doing our time deal. As I am inviting TONS of NON TFers and Retired TFers - it will be me that has to make the TOUGH decision to cut active TFers out of this raid

I will of course be looking for some anchors (read: tough TFers that can tank and heal to make this work) to make the Raid flow well - but trying to maximize the old schoolers getting in. THIS WILL NOT WORK unless the people that can come RSVP in this thread and if possible those that can do a PRE raid on another day - get their time flag with us ahead of time.

PLEASE RSVP in THIS THREAD AND Let us know if you are:
1) already time flagged
2) availble to get your Time flag in one of the weeks (8 weeks left) prior to the reunion raid.
3) able to contact any others that you might know in RL etc.

Look - I dont' have all the contact info for everyone but some of our board members are still in contact with some of our retired TFers - put out the word.

Goal will be to assemble at 8 PM EST and arrange groups and trial groups and kick off the P1 Trials at 8 30 PM EST. I "should be" online and prepping the raid by 745 PM EST. THIS will be a long raid. as some of the players will be a little rusty and undergeared - we might have some rezzes to do after some fights - so might run long. I believe that for one night 2 months out - we can plan/schedule this. BTW the next morning I leave to go to Rosarito BEach, Mexico for a weeks Vacation. So I will be somewhat motivated to have a solid pace.

I envision 30 - 36 current active level 70 raiding TFers that are VETERENS (9 months or more in TF) and hopefully 36 retired TFers / guests attend this raid.

8 weeks from now - lets do something fun!

NOTE: I considered something that could have NO raid cap - say like taking EVERY person that logged on and clearing NTOV in a couple hours ( this is possible as it is typically un molested) or clearing all of skyshrine on the way to the boss dragons, Most players have never even seen the boss dragons in Skyshrine. Their loot is however so 3rd rate velious however. The advantages to those raids is If we had over 72 retired TFers and guests - an unlimted number of active TFers could play. Depending on RSVPs I might consider a change of venue - however Time is simply the best setting I can think of even tho there is space, attendance cap issues. I will see how many RSVPs we get and the availability of the RSVPs to get their time flag ahead of time.


- Don't think that Pensfan is allowed to miss this.

- Resulta if you can get Loarind to come I can get him a 65 or greater toon to play - possibly a mage or a cleric for that nights raid Not sure about a wizard tho. I would see about finding a toon for Loarind's son if available as well - and if he is still in Contact with Ranek - I could see about lining up a toon for him to play as well. ( I bet I could "borrow" madokvaur's recently retired ranger account for Ranek if he was interested)

- Oph - you need to log on to infirno's account PL it up to 65 and invite him as well.

- To my best guess the current top oldest TFers on active duty:
Jahras (originally Meeras joined TF late March 2001)
Deluin (originally Manluin joined TF early April? 2001)
Toisrus / Leebe (originally Ells Joined TF in May? 2001)
Arielyn Joined TF in October? 2001
Serano Joined TF in January 2002
Drannor JOined TF in Summer/fall? 2002
Zyzzerzazz Joined TF in Summer/ fall? 2002
Jumjam Joined TF as Daioe in 2002?
Sinadar and Vdayen Joined TF in 2002?
Azzenkar and Kaylar joined in 2002
Forsaker, ABoobaka, Fnord all came in shortly after with the torture merge
Zeilphyn and Valkorin might have been 2002 recruits? hard to know.

Alltho some have left and returned these peeps have been here forever - if you recognize these names from way back when - we are still here - come and play with us on 23 June 06 at 8 PM EST.
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