Sweeping changes coming to alchemy in PoR

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Sweeping changes coming to alchemy in PoR

Postby Caniza » Wed Feb 08, 2006 7:31 am

I just read the news and a alchemy thread at eqtraders.com and seems theyre doing a major overhaul of alchemy which will include changed recipes, some new ingredients, and changed trivials. Alot of old recipes are going to become obsolete by the 21st of February which is the next scheduled patch, also many recipes some alchemists are using to skillup on are going to become trivial. It also appears they will be removing some recipes as well.

It is at least kind of them to let us know what is coming before it hits us, but I worry about what quests will be broken, espe since it took a player to remind them of the pally 1.5 epic and update the alchemy potin used in it. :eek

The eqtc thread can be found here

There are also official threads at the eqplayers.com The spirits Way (shaman board) and Artisan's Way boards, which I havent yet read at the time of this post. I'll see about getting the links up later.
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