My lifes update...

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My lifes update...

Postby Lauralan » Wed Aug 31, 2005 3:40 pm

Just dropping by to say hi, and that I miss everyone!

As I've said before, I moved to north florida, but a few weeks ago I moved back to Miami to live on my own and a good 700 miles away from my parents, so I'm a big girl now =P Unfortunately my move means I have no computer anymore, no internet access, ect. Right now I'm typing from a friends house. Eventually I'll have to break down and buy another computer, cause I can't live without it... but that involves money. And I'm broker than broke.

I hope no one was really affected by hurricane Katrina... the south florida version of it was a direct hit on my area, and there was lots of rain, the only flooding was the part of the driveway where my car was parked, so my cars gone, but rest assured that my car was the only in the neighborhood to get flooded. not even the car parked 3 feet away! doh! and the house flooded in one room, and you guessed it, my bedroom. The rest of the house was untouched, tho my room will now have to have the walls emptied and the carpets redone (they were just done about a week before I moved in too!) and a bunch of my stuff got ruined... but in the end all is good, after all, insurance is paying for everything. Though I know we were insanely lucky compared to those who were in the path of Katrina's 2nd landfall in the gulf.

Other stuff to throw at you just cause I can. There's a guy in my life now. We aren't really official, but I hope it works out. My job is to sit and stare at a tv and sleep and eat, I work the nightshift at an assisted living facility which is run out of a house, which is where I live. I dont pay bills, and I'm twice as lazy as I was before, and have all the time in the world to do whatever. Which is why I need a computer again. My only job requirement is to be able to unload a dishwasher in the morning. I'm going to school in the spring to major is Music Performance, and I've been playing with the idea of becoming a stylist... you know, tell people they dress tacky and throw expensive clothes at them. But then thats me.

I hope everyone is well, and that the guild is well as a whole. I'm not really sure when or even if I'll be back, but I'll try. Anyone who wants to get a hold of me can at my email, . If I take a while to get back, sorry, just no computer like I said. Good luck to everyone, and stay safe.

Miss you all!
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