Greetings from Maelin

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Greetings from Maelin

Postby kullayen » Fri Apr 22, 2005 9:03 am

Well as the time comes for the merger I wanted to pop in a say hello.
will try to join your chat channel and get to know you all.

I am currently guilded with some great people, but none are interested in anything but socializing. I am not a Hard Raider or such, But am a Flag/Key/Quest Junkie. Also a gear junkie, but am the guy who would never roll on an item that is not an upgrade even in a pickup group, if someone else gets more out of it.
Very much into the toys too (Ok Dirty Minds I am talking about clicky items) I go on any Fear raid just for a shot at the Skelly Illusion Amulet. I do gotta remember to /petition because my /random seems broke though. But it is all good fun.

~Ok I admit it I got folders organized with the quests I am working on Ok, Those generally being any quest which looks fun =) so alot of them. Can you say Obsesive .

I hope to get to know you all and see if we can click together and find some addicts such as myself.

btw: Slow down do not out grow VT and such =) wait for me!!

Just looking for people with a sense of humor, I am a funny guy (Well my wife does not think so) and always willing to help other in game. [Oh yes this Ranger can solo your Epic Greenies =)] Just if I group with ya Type and have a sense of humor, and expect some fun ~Esp if I am tanking Wuhahahah. Sorry still working on the Raja Tank problem. And never ask me should we pull the named ~I always say yes.

Do you all still go back and hit the PoP tier 1 stuff? or SSra ?

Well hope to try and remember the /join for cross server and hope to see you all soon.

ps: forum junkie too and postaholic: so beware!!!
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